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Events for Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Supporting the Social Development of Gifted Kids
6:30 PM
Does your gifted child have trouble connecting with peers? Does your child have trouble working or playing with others? Is he or she emotionally sensitive and more easily hurt by what peers say and do? Join Dr. Meghan Barlow of Meghan Barlow and Associates as she explores the factors that interfere with the social relationships of gifted kids. She will discuss such topics as trouble connecting with peers, cognitive rigidity (a child’s difficulty in changing his or her thinking) and uneven intellectual, physical and emotional development. Dr. Barlow will also provide recommendations for how parents and caregivers can best support their gifted child's social development. Free, supervised children’s activities are available, but adults and children must register separately. connectingforkids.org/speakerseries
Parma-Snow Branch of Cuyahoga County Public Library
2121 Snow Rd.

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