Clowns To The Left, Jokers To My Right . . .

What you will see, lest YOU get involved.

Recently, I spontaneously attended another Seven Hills caucus meeting. When I walked through the front door, 18 to 20 angry residents, several of whom led me to believe I could not walk down the hall or gain access to the meeting – deceived me by telling me they were there because they “really care about the deer.” The ringleader insisted I sign the sign-in sheet 30 feet from the meeting entrance. She put her hand atop my shoulder, cocked her head to the side, looked at me with puppy dog, soft eyes and asked, “Why are you here?” When I explained that I had no idea any discussion of deer was on the agenda, and that, yes, I do care about the deer, she angrily shot at me, “I was just saying that, to find out your position on the issue. We hate the deer, and want hunting!” It was mere chance I went that night.

Not one to argue with 20 deer haters, I left, then returned 10 minutes later, followed by some allies. Here’s what happened:

  • Upon entering caucus, the ringleader comman”deer”ed the meeting for well over 10 times the normally permitted time.
  • At the end of her diatribe, which included that she has friends who hunt who would love to come here so they don’t have to go to southern Ohio, she said, “We don’t want to hurt the deer; we just want to stop them from eating our plants.”
  • Caryl Lecznar asked for a raise of hands to see how many attending were residents; most were. Then she went on to explain that when I filled up the room with protesters in February, I brought mostly non-residents. Upon hearing this, an anti-deer man with the lynch mob said that people who don’t live in Seven Hills had no business coming here to protest deer hunting. He said this immediately after both Lecznar and the ringleader admitted that they have friends from other areas who want to bow hunt here.
  • Bentkowski challenged their “logic,” citing mounting evidence that lethal methods do not reduce browsing. Did these killers know that one of the allies they pointed at and made uncomfortable is the son of the man who designed the very building in which they sat? I wonder if the freakishly tall man who kept snapping at me and my friend, “I’m ashamed of you” knew this.
  • Numerous insults were hurled my way; I said nothing, but videotaped the entire tirade. At the end, when I tried to speak, was repeatedly interrupted and was not permitted to refer to hunters as “knuckleheads.” It’s okay to mercilessly slaughter sentient beings, violate freedom of speech, and break all the rules, but it’s not okay to use the word “knuckleheads.”


  • Police dispatch and other city records spanning the past 2.5 years revealed over 65% of dispatch calls yielded mostly dogs at large, dogs barking and nine moderate to serious dog attacks over a 2.5 year period – NOT deer complaints or accidents. The postal service actually threatened to stop delivering mail to East Dartmoor because of attacks. Dogs are NOT the problem; caretakers who REPEATEDLY AND WITHOUT BEING FINED OR PUNISHED allow their dogs free roam on Pleasant Valley during rush hour at major intersections are.
  • Most every deer call to dispatch related to residents’ backyards; interesting, considering the same method of research for N. Royalton, found 90% were where one would expect, in or near the street. Why are so many deer in Seven Hills found dead in the BACK yard? H-m-m.
  • There are poachers. Lecznar said it herself; there have been over 45 deer killed here. Deer have been found suffering and/or dead with arrows through them on Gale Drive, Mapleview and other areas. Crossview and Rockside, a poaching hot spot, was actually investigated by the Division of Wildlife, which no doubt stood to profit from fines. No dispatch records indicated this, so it appears the city did nothing about it, in spite of a resident finding a hunting blind and blood trails in the woods there – not 100 feet from thousands of daily commuters.
  • One unnamed resident on Parkgate Oval has requested a “permit to kill.”
  • With virtually every day for 2.5 years seeing calls to dispatch regarding some animal complaint or another, how is it that there are both six-week and two-month gaps with no calls?
  • One Hillside Road call involved a beheaded fawn. A fawn.

The February 2013 meeting saw Division of Wildlife “biostitute” Geoffrey Westerfield repeatedly admitting NO lethal method has effectively controlled deer populations anywhere, and that every community faces unique challenges regarding deer-human conflicts. Yet, Westerfield, in a private meeting with Lecznar and the rest of council said, “There was no good way to ‘thin the herd’ except for actually hunting them.’” Why the complete contradiction? The Ohio Division of Wildlife is desperately attempting to maintain its dropping 50% annual revenue through deer permits and licenses by increasing urban/suburban hunting.

Lecznar and the juvenile, hateful, deluded ringleader at the July meeting admitted they want to allow BOW HUNTING AND ONLY BOW HUNTING here. Knowing that one quarter of a million deer are killed annually in Ohio, and that it has done nothing to control their numbers, what makes anyone of these losers think that a couple of knuckleheads in Seven Hills will make a difference?

The biggest complaint from Lecznar’s survey was browsing; there were 200 survey responses -- out of 13,000 residents. Based on this, and bolstered by the lynch-mob mentality at last week’s meeting, Lecznar intends to put forth a proposal sometime in September, when council resumes meetings.

North Royalton leaders voted down killing. Broadview Heights residents repealed an ordinance. These people know that hunting causes egregious emotional harm to the majority of peace-loving people, and death and horror to the sentient beings with families of their own who’ve nowhere else to go. Remember this when you vote. Remember that deer don’t care about party lines or property boundaries. The Public Trust Doctrine claims that wildlife belongs to everyone; we have an equal stake, and I for one will not be threatened and bullied -- especially as a protector -- anymore.

lucy mckernan

Animals first.

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Volume 5, Issue 8, Posted 11:48 AM, 08.01.2013