Memo To Parma School Board

In early November, the voters of Parma, Parma Heights, and Seven Hills, voted down the School District's Technology Levy (Issue 5). It seems that the defeat has inspired our School Board members enough to mail out in late November a postcard that outlines a "New Plan" to deal with this defeat. Their plan touches on new purchase plans, review technology staffing, to keeping and maintaining current technology, just to name a few points. 

Now, speaking as a long-time Parma resident and voter, I have some suggestions for our School Board. When there is a levy placed on a ballot, how about publicizing it!  Let us know that you want our money!  Many voters found out about Issue 5 when they went to vote. It's like the Board still thinks that if they let just the students' parents know about levies, and they all vote "yes," then the levies will pass.  Better think again! I am tired of our School Board trying to pass levies this way. It doesn't work. Then, after it's defeated, the Board mails out a "New Plan." What a waste of our money! 

Voters will respect the Board more if they, for example, put their 5-point plan in effect first. See if it is working and if it isn't or perhaps more money is needed, then go to the voters and show them what was in place, what points were instituted, and then ask for our money. Another example would be an Operating Levy. Now those get a little publicity, usually because the voters are told that if the levy doesn't pass, the School Board may have to cut like a million dollars out of the budget! So, if the levy fails, the Board makes the cuts. Perhaps the Board should make the cuts first, live within their budget, then show the voters why a levy needs to be passed. 

Just show us how and why you need our money. OUR MONEY! Perhaps if the Board was proactive rather than reactive, more responsible levies might be passed.  

Asking people to give money is difficult. Many voters don't care, can't afford it, or don't see the value of a strong School District.  

It is time for our School Board to start doing some forward thinking in 2016! 

John Lee

I am a middle aged divorced father of 5 who has lived most of my life in Parma. I work for the Postal Service, am a card carrying Union Member of NALC Branch #40.

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Volume 8, Issue 1, Posted 11:49 PM, 01.03.2016