Chocolate Valentines And Red Wines!

Valentine's Day is fast approaching! What will you do to make it memorable for your loved one? You shared a sparkling moment years ago that led you to choose each other to be with for years to come! There was a time when you looked at each other with vulnerable, sparkling eyes and trusted each other enough to ease up on time with friends and dedicate time to the other because the joy you gained from being together was so magnificent. Others haven't found their partner yet. It's an exciting time to not lose hope and realize that there is someone out there for you!

Valentine's Day should be a reminder that there is someone out there for you, too! But the real question is...what will you drink when you are together?! That is the real question! You could just have a couple of beers on tap, but that may not lead to the most memorable history to look back upon. Valentine's Day is about chocolate and tender cards with simple sentiments of love and caring joy.

The number one wine that pairs with chocolate is sweet Port from Portugal. Representing sweet love at especially this time of year! Most grocery stores and wine shops carry an acceptable Port. There are generally two types of Port: Tawny and Ruby. What is the difference? Tawny is perfect with dark chocolate and even bleu cheese, but Ruby Port is especially wonderful with those ripe berries and dark chocolate treats one may offer another in this season of love. Port is from Portugal and it is sweet, high-alcohol wine that allows inhibitions to be free and it is delicious with sweet treats and even blue cheese.

For chocolate, we have Malley's, locally, and even the West Coast standard of excellence, See's Candies. So, research and invest wisely in the one person that you love and cherish and make this Valentine's Day one for the history books!

Laugh, love, and enjoy! Cheers!

Christian Fitzharris

Christian Fitzharris works in the Wine and Beverage Industry. He is a Certified Sommelier in the Court of Master Sommeliers curriculum. He writes about wine and wine education for global service. He may be reached at

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Volume 8, Issue 2, Posted 9:54 PM, 02.02.2016