Let’s get a quick perspective about him; he has access to great wealth, he has a narcissistic attitude, he likes to think of himself before others, he is arrogant, he concerns himself about others only to the extent it will benefit himself, he doesn’t think of himself as an employee but rather someone who can order others. On all these points, how does he differ from the vast majority of elected officials or those vying for office, so why is there all of this concern if he will be able to govern. This is not intended as an endorsement of anyone but as a comparison. It is rare an elected official, usually with a background in law, who is capable of operating a properly functioning government. Usually, the functioning parts are more capable, it is the heads of the administrative offices that are inept. An example of this would be the television program “Undercover Boss”. Invariably the administrator, the boss, has absolutely no clue on how to operate any level of the companies’ product and/ or production. They may have a degree, but no practical experience on how to create a final product. Politicians are similar, in that they have a life of privilege and a college degree however, if you have ever studied with a particular concern in mind, the actual function many times isn’t similar. The best manner in which you can understand how a company fully functions is to work your way up, gaining knowledge and experience on all levels. There should be very little if any variation in government. It is a rarity that a lawyer has had a position in which he/she has labored in any field which they defended in the legal arena, it would be pretty much impossible to have a functioning knowledge of all the areas which they defend, even with a staff that would do the research in these areas. 

Why is it difficult to picture a businessman as the head of any government, would he be able to run, for example, a city with more of a financial and operational perspective than person who studies only theory (even if they have served an internship)? 

This primary season has indications that the public, both voting and non-voting, are truly at their wits’ end with the system of politics as it is now constructed. Qualified individuals can’t serve because of lack of financial support in which both Democratic and Republican Parties have their own interests at heart. You may have noticed that it is rare, if ever noted, that the Parties mention the good of the Country, but rather the good of the Party. Follow this logic; first a politician cares about himself (he wants a job), second he thinks about his party (it supplies him with the finances to run), his family (those are the ones for whom he is working and supplying an image) and lastly the constituents without whose vote he could not get elected. The voters are served only to the extent of the politicians’ survival, not for service or integrity. The reason political parties are in an uproar is because the order of politics is being invaded and they don’t want the status quo changed. Isn’t it a shame that we have such poor choices for office on all levels? Could it be because we don’t take an active role in the electoral process? Could it be because we don’t demand better?  

Leo Lampeter

retired looking to create action

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Volume 8, Issue 5, Posted 12:50 PM, 06.03.2016