A Vote Of No Confidence For Parma Schools!

In mid September, I received the Monitor, the Parma School newsletter. The first story is titled: "State Audit is Game Changer for Schools"  The article was written by our Superintendent, Carl Hilling. In the article, Mr. Hilling starts outlining some of the changes he has made with staffing cuts. He goes on about saving money, everything was "running just fine", but at the end of April, the Treasurer left the district, so as a procedural matter, the district asked not only our State Auditor to check the books, but "brought in some outside financial experts" to also check the books. Well guess what? They found out there was no positive balance, but a 7 million dollar deficit!

$7,000,000.00 IN THE HOLE! How and why does this happen? Where did the money go Mr. Hilling? Who did the Treasurer report to? That person needs to be fired for not doing their job, Mr. Hilling! Where was the School Board on all of this Mr. Hilling? Where were You, Mr. Hilling, when the 7 Million disappeared? Do you mean to tell me that nobody ever asked for the balance sheet to see the district was 7 Million in the hole? 

So Mr. Hilling, please explain how the State Audit is a Game Changer? It's as if you are blaming not only the former Treasurer, but also the State, for finding this little 7 Million dollar deficit!

"Expect The Best" Really? As a 40 year resident of Parma, a Graduate of Valley Forge, I expect and hope that you resign your position, along with the entire School Board!  Instead, you are going to the voters to ask for money in November to cover up your mistakes and lack of accountability! 

I urge as many residents as possible to show up for the Community meetings and demand full accountability from our district which should be resignations from You and the Board! 

$7,000,000.00 DEFICIT!  How does that taste voters? 

John Lee

I am a middle aged divorced father of 5 who has lived most of my life in Parma. I work for the Postal Service, am a card carrying Union Member of NALC Branch #40.

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Volume 8, Issue 10, Posted 7:00 AM, 10.03.2016