Proud Of Our Students

I am writing this story because of what I observed at the October 4th Parma City Schools meeting. It was amazing to see the students of our district come together and fight for something they strongly believe in. 

At Parma City Hall for the past 10 years we have a program called Anthony Zielinski Leadership for Tomorrow, which teaches 4th grade students in the district, private, or public, a live civics lesson. They hold their own council meeting, trial at the courts, and ask their elected officials questions. One of the reasons that myself, Mayor Timothy DeGeeter, and the late Treasurer Anthony Zielinski started this program was to not only show our students how government works, but also to urge them to get involved in their communities. 

The October 4th meeting showed us that our leaders of the future can get involved, and when they do, they can make a difference. In the crowd of about 1,500, most of which were students, there were many chants led by the students. One of the chants was, "Can You Hear Us!" Well, I want to tell you, we all heard you! Your parents, teachers, and most importantly you should all be proud of yourselves. 

There were many community and business leaders in the crowd who heard you, and now please hear me. Stay involved in your community, attend council meetings, visit City Hall, and meet your elected officials. Get to know us. We work for you - don't forget that! Look into a few of the great service organizations or charities in our area. For example: The Parma Rotary, Parma Area Kiwanis, and the Parma Hunger Center, to name a few. See what they have to offer you and get involved in some way. 

We heard you loud and clear at the meeting. You're our future and we want to continue to hear you! 

Thanking you,

Tom Mastroianni 

Parma City Treasurer 

tom mastroianni

Treasurer of the City of Parma

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Volume 8, Issue 10, Posted 9:56 AM, 11.03.2016