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December’s Asset Category: CONSTRUCTIVE USE OF TIME. The pace of everyday life varies depending on the activities young people participate in. These fluctuations are normal, even healthy. As long as young people don’t consistently have too much to do or not enough to do, they’re right on track. Problems arise when the balance begins to tip too far to one side or the other. Too much involvement can lead to stress or anxiety. Too little involvement can be a sign of depression or isolation. Ensure that young people constructively use their time for both fun and learning.

 This column’s focus will be on…..Asset #18 – Youth Program

After-school activities: They may be extra but they’re also essential

It’s appropriate that the word extracurricular starts with the letter “E.” But the word should really be essential-curricular. In fact, they’re so important many schools are now calling them co-curricular activities. For many young people, youth programs at school and in the community are the highlight of their day. They meet new people who share their interests or introduce them to new pursuits. They spend time with adults who also enjoy the activity. And they boost their skills.

Here are the facts
Research shows that young people who regularly spend time in sports, clubs, or other youth programs have higher self-esteem and better leadership skills, and are less likely to feel lonely. About 57 percent of young people, ages 11–18, spend three or more hours a week in youth programs, according to Search Institute. Young people involved in interesting activities helps bring out their best.

Tips for building this asset
Encourage young people to join a school or community activity that matches their interests, or try one they have never considered before. People can learn a lot about themselves by taking a chance on something new. Clubs and programs can also help young people make new friends of all ages, give them leadership opportunities, and make school more fun. Many groups also let them choose how much time and energy to commit.

Also try this
In your home and family:
 With your child, make a list of activities he or she wants to learn about. Rank the ideas according to her or his level of interest. Together, research ways to try out the top two choices.

In your neighborhood and community: Check your newspaper for upcoming community activities such as charity lunches, art openings, or athletic events. How many are youth-centered or allow youth participation? If you don’t see many, consider starting an activity for young people with your neighbors.

In your school or youth program: Discuss the following with the young people in your class or program: If you could start a club of your own, what would it be? How would you get it started? What materials would you need?

After competing with youth/adults leaders from across Cuyahoga County, please join me in congratulating Zahraa AlribeawiNoah Utterback, and Zaria Johnsonthree of our outstanding local students, and Kathy Hall, MyCom Grant Project Assistant, all of whom were individually recognized at the Annual MyCom Youth Voice Awards ceremony at the downtown Hilton Inn on November 17th. Having our local youth and adult leaders consistently recognized, now for the last 6 years, demonstrates the efficacy of our MyCom and district-based youth initiatives.

And, in regard to our youth initiatives, November’s meeting of the MyCom Tri-City Steering Committee brought clarity and refinement to our goals of Advocacy, Out-of-School Time, Transitions, and Youth Engagement. Action steps were discussed as was a process for implementation and communication. If you're involved with or at all interested in youth development/programming and/or youth outreach, please join us for our next meeting at 5:30 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 6th at the Parma Branch Library across from UH Parma Medical Center on Powers Blvd.

If you're looking to help families over the Christmas holiday, start by giving the Parma Area Family Collaborative a call at 440-887-4873. Their Holiday Giving Tree initiative is still going on and the need in our community is great.

If you're not already aware of the great programs and services available from the district's community education department visit Links listed on the left hand menu bar will take you to a whole range exciting and unique opportunities. This is another of the many hidden gems of our community.

The Collab's (at Hanna Elem on Snow and Chevy Blvd) next Mobile Food Pantry will take place on Thursday, December 8th. Help is needed in the morning (9:00 a.m.) to unload and set up, and again in the afternoon (2:00 p.m.) for distribution.  Contact Kira Karabanovs, Director of Family and Community Engagement, for details on how you can get involved. Email:; ph: 440-842-7022.

And finally, a sincere thank you to all those who worked and voted for the school district's renewal levy.  In addition to the uninterrupted inflow of $8M, its passage gives the district an opportunity to seek input from its stakeholders and develop a well thought-out plan for its future. Watch for information related to the "Focus on the Future" campaign and don't hesitate to get involved

Visit and for more information about the 40 Developmental Assets and ideas for helping young people build them. Or go to  for great asset-based parenting tips, tricks, activities, and ideas.

Gene Lovasy

Community Volunteer/Activist

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