A highly regarded and intellectually revered occupation is that of engineer. There is a great deal of study, time, and energy involved in acquiring such a degree. The requirements are above the norm. A great deal of math and science are the surface of study for those who wish to become proficient in this area. Detail is the code word for working in this area of expertise. Should you glance around, you will marvel of the accomplishments of engineers. All that is constructed must have architectural drawings and structural engineering input. The coordination of the fields is a symphony when in concert. The wise engineer also listens to the input from all parties involved. Details gleaned from those with knowledge of what is practical and functional are a portion of what a quality engineer takes into consideration when undertaking a project. Individuals with day-to-day experience in what is to be utilized when completed, is how designs become most functional, and to dismiss this input would be a grave error. Recent constructions are examples of how attention to detail can create a completely successful task or one that is lacking. 

Why are engineers in this city dismissing these details? Immediately noticeable are those of the new splash park and the parking for both the library and the senior center. One of the difficulties is navigating the parking lot. At various vantage points when the lot has a larger number of vehicles, the sight line of the driver is fairly poor. This should be of primary concern, yet it doesn’t seem to have been considered, a significant error. Somewhat of a lesser error is how the islands have taken valuable parking spaces from a relatively small parking area. Also, the positioning of the parking lanes specifically for seniors created more distance for seniors to travel and obstacles for them to traverse that may not prove to be a concern for those not In the elderly category. You see many seniors use an aid when walking, thus what one considers a decoration others consider an obstacle. When there is an event at the senior center, the elderly must attempt to find not only a close location but one without impediments. That is where the parking spaces that were replaced with islands would certainly have aided a number of individuals. 

The other engineering decision more recently concerns the water park. There is one drive that leads from the park to Roycroft. With a great deal of insight, it is designed to allow only one vehicle on the street when exiting, as the drive is approximately 20 feet from the traffic signal. The input from outside sources was not considered. As has become accepted from those with government positions, any advice from outside the government circle is readily discarded. Engineers also get paid for correcting their errors and have little to fear of being replaced. For what seems to be such a basic task as designing a parking lot, it certainly brings into question the mayor's definition of quality. Engineering is one of the positions the mayor dubbed as needing a pay increase to keep quality people. Perhaps the need for keeping “quality” personnel isn’t as worthy of an increase in salary as we are led to believe. 

Leo Lampeter

Retired. Looking to create action.

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Volume 8, Issue 12, Posted 6:54 PM, 12.04.2016