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Help young people bring out their best
The way people feel about themselves can fluctuate with circumstances. Depending on what’s happening, you may feel confident or unsure, optimistic or pessimistic, in control or not in control. What’s important is what a person’s identity is like most of the time. People who have a strong, positive sense of self maintain these qualities even when difficulties arise. They continue to be hopeful and optimistic, and believe they can make a difference. 

This month’s column will focus on Asset #37 Personal Power:

Having personal power means understanding and accepting the things we can and can’t control. You can find a new job, work out a conflict, or move to a new location if you choose. When young people feel empowered, they feel more confident to make their own choices—to get good grades, participate in activities they enjoy, and take action to find solutions to problems. 

Here are the facts
Young people are more likely to grow up healthy if they feel a sense of control over the things that happen to them. A sense of personal power gives young people the confidence to embrace positive attitudes and behaviors, and walk away from risky situations and behaviors. Caring adults provide opportunities for young people to make their own decisions. 

Tips for building this asset
Young people who have a strong sense of their own power believe that when good things happen to them, they had some control over the outcome. If things go wrong, help young people focus on the positive steps they can take to remedy the situation. Help them see how they can make a difference in their lives and the lives of others. 

Also try this
In your home and family:
Teach your child practical skills, such as how to change a tire, cook a meal, and sew on a button. Well-prepared young people are more likely to feel a sense of personal power. 

In your neighborhood and community: Support young people’s efforts to be industrious. For example, buy lemonade from their lemonade stand, read their homemade newspaper, and attend a play they put on in their garage. 

In your school or youth program: Challenge the young people in your class or program to come up with a creative way to raise money for an underprivileged family or a charity in your area. Then put the plan into action. Serving others helps young people realize they can make a difference in the world, which gives them an enormous sense of personal power. 

ASSET RELATED NEWS: From the State Office of Health Transformation….The State of Ohio currently provides a variety of programs that assist Ohioans prepare for life and the dignity of work. These programs are available at various stages of life when individuals need them most, from ensuring infants are born healthy to providing safety and security in retirement. The Governor's Office of Health Transformation compiled a list of these programs in 2013, and updated the inventory in December 2016. Go here to view the 6 page list of available state & federally funded programs:
In regard to our youth initiatives, during December’s meeting of the MyCom Tri-City Youth Planning Steering Committee a consensus was reached that of the 4 major goals identified, i.e.: Advocacy, Out-of-School Time, Transition & Youth Engagement, the committee's primary focus will be on Youth Advocacy.  Advocacy training for youth, coordinated by MyCom staff, is scheduled for late January and/or early February. Among other things, emphasis will be on youth programming and issues related to their funding. Youth who attend the training will then travel to Youth Advocacy Day in Columbus on March 30. The next meeting of the committee has been scheduled for 4:00 pm, Thursday, January 12th at Parma Library (across from UH/Parma Med. Ctr. on Powers Blvd.). If you’re involved w/youth programming and/or outreach please plan on attending.
A very timely series is being offered by the Parma Hts Library, 6206 Pearl Rd is.....
Program Title:  "Understanding Addiction" (Three-week series)
Program Audience:  Adults Dates:  January 12, 19 & 26, 2017 Time:  7:00 pm to 8:00 pm
The number of drug overdoses in our area is growing at an alarming rate. If someone you know is struggling with addiction or mental health problems, it can feel like you are alone, without guidance or support. Join them for a three-week series as Recovery Resources shares prevention, intervention, recovery and support services available.
Registration:  Required - Please call the Library at 440.884.2313 or register online at  
Save the date - Feb 18, 2017 - for the Parma PTA’s  4th Annual Festival of Tables scholarship fundraiser. It's time to get creative for a great cause. Pick a theme, call to reserve a table, and "Let Your Imagination Fly...". Organizations are especially encouraged to join the fun. Call Angela Revay (440) 221-6128 for details.
The Collab's (at Hanna Elem on Snow & Chevy Blvd) next Mobile Food Pantry will take place on Thursday, January 12th. Help is needed in the morning (9:00 am) to unload & set-up, and again in the afternoon (2:00 pm) for distribution. Contact Kira Karabanovs, Dir. of Family & Community Engagement for details on how you can get involved. Email:; ph: 440.842.7022. 

Visit, for more information about the 40 Developmental Assets and ideas for helping young people build them. Or go here  for great asset-based parenting tips, tricks, activities and ideas. 

Gene Lovasy

Community Volunteer/Activist

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Volume 9, Issue 1, Posted 1:52 PM, 01.05.2017