The Holiday Season And Human "Kind"...

Another holiday season has once again made its way into our hearts and memories, and with the season came an ever inspiring spirit moved in us all to wish a warm and welcome time with family and friends, and thoughtful goodwill, empathy and understanding towards all upon the earth. 

In this providence is our true depth and measure of humanity when we open ourselves up fully to what is written in our holy books. In this love, there is hope and prayer that we may begin to consider the irony of the current situation our First Nations Native American tribal citizens to the north are in, facing the struggle we now are all aware of - their campaign to protect their sacred lands and the health of their people from an oil pipeline we ourselves wouldn't want in our backyard. A very different America for these original citizens of the land.

That we may also consider the irony of the many holiday feasts that we give thanks over each year. Feasts that were highly likely to have been handled by law abiding undocumented workers at some point as the foods made their long transport from farm, to our tables, and ultimately our graces. These workers generally live the lives of good people that want little more than to support their families in a new world in the same way as the early immigrants that came here and began the vast majority of Euro-American families, yet many across the nation wish these undocumented families to be broken apart, deported, and ultimately left to remain separated behind a desert wall. 

As we looked around at the faces of our own loved ones this past holiday season, and the security that came with knowing our bond with them was safe, there were those without such security, those that wish for themselves the very things we wish for ourselves and our families, the quiet ones in the shadows of sweeping national divide against them from a land of immigrants forever praising holy and holiday spirit while remaining noticeably indifferent towards them and their needs. 

When the holidays greet us each year, we give all the gracious thanks in the world for the blessings of what we have Thanksgiving day, only to cattle into the exact opposite less than twenty four hours later on Black Friday, as the country frenzies itself over the backs of one another in an all-out shootout to obtain the material "things" they just can't live without, and thus this continues up into the midnight hour of the coming year.

It has been said that the great arch of humanity bends deepest towards kindness. 

No matter our religion, we can pray for a collective perspective understanding, and pray for us all to look around with far less fearful and indifferent eyes in the years to come.

Davidione Pearl

Freelance writer, musician, photographer, and philanthropic traveler.

Volume 9, Issue 1, Posted 1:52 PM, 01.05.2017