What a wonderful act of nature, ice. What would it have been for iced tea, to have to go to the nearest mountain for the ice? Now, we take a short trip to the refrigerator, open the freezer and voila, instant ice. It is also quite convenient for those adult beverages. Ice has also been shown to benefit the medical community for assorted injuries when one slips on the ice of a walkway. In days gone by people took pride in their attention to their property. Maintaining the lawn, attention to the flower garden, clearing debris, including snow, was not only a reflection of their property but of themselves their family and their community and their nationality. Neighbors did notice attention to details.  Make the time to take a winter stroll around your neighborhood sometime and notice those who care for their property and those who are lax. Perhaps it has been influenced by the disintegration of the ethnic neighborhoods. No one of ethnicity wanted to be looked down upon for the lack of cleanliness or organization. To those of you who have the pride and consideration of clearing the snow from your public walkways, allow me to thank you on behalf of those who actually get out from behind a steering wheel and do this thing referred to as walking. You may or may not believe this, but that little bit of effort on your part is appreciated. Now to those of you who refrain from the activity of clearing public walkways, allow one question to be asked: what are your thoughts about those who don’t make life easier for you? 

While it is the Housing Commissioners’ job to enforce the clearing of the walkways, we’ll let you be the judge to see if this is an area where pay is earned, and a raise is warranted. Perhaps it is fortunate for him that he merely retains employment. A larger question arises: What about assorted businesses that only clear their parking areas and neglect portions of the walkways, such as Citizens Bank at the corner of Ridge and Charles? There are few who responded and did clear their walks of snow, when reminded, but only once. Those were Fred Heipp Insurance and E-Z tax, along with B.P. gas on Ridge and Ridgewood. Simic, C.P.A. tax preparer, which has never cleared the walk, and Mr. Tire. Mr. Tire actually had snow plowed onto the sidewalk from their parking lot. If you care for your property in a less that satisfactory manner, are you that careless with your customers also? The same question arises for the multiple family dwellings. They have their drives cleared but for the most part neglect the sidewalks. How much do they care about the community where they make their living or do they merely care for what they get out of the community? Let's become aware of others and help one another along. What are your thoughts when the streets are not cleared? Could the same thoughts be applied to those who do not clear walks? When it is time for those who do not clear the snow and ice from walkways to enter the hereafter, may your time be spent negotiating ice and snow covered walkways. 

Leo Lampeter

retired looking to create action

Volume 9, Issue 2, Posted 9:22 AM, 02.01.2017