Royalton Royalty

Milton Jennrich and Hattie Gray

At Royalton Woods’ Annual Valentine’s Day Party on February 14, 2017, Milton Jennrich and Hattie Gray were crowned King and Queen of Hearts, as voted by our residents and staff. Hattie and Milton were both surprised to receive the news of their victory at the polls. While Hattie couldn’t thank everyone enough, Milton simply welcomed the opportunity to serve with “his beautiful queen” with a quick kiss. Both would like to thank the residents and staff for the kindness and thoughtfulness shown to them. Milton, a WWII Army Veteran, and Hattie, a soon-to-be centurion, love living at Royalton Woods. Aside from the wonderful parties and musical entertainers they love so dearly, they “are honored to share their lives with such wonderful people” and look forward to “all the fun we have.” Congratulations, Hattie and Milton! We know you will serve Royalton Woods admirably in 2017!

Kathleen Williams

The Activities Director at Royalton Woods: A Randall Residence since 2013, I am excited to share stories of our community with our neighbors.

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Volume 9, Issue 2, Posted 11:24 PM, 03.01.2017