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SHOW KIDS YOU CARE:  LET THEM SOLVE MOST OF THEIR OWN PROBLEMS. April’s Asset Category: Empowerment. Young people are empowered when they feel valued, valuable and safe. They need to believe that adults like and respect them. Finally, they need plenty of opportunities to contribute to their communities through volunteering, working in paid jobs and sharing their ideas, knowledge and creativity. One of these days, the young people in your home, school, neighborhood and workplace will be in charge – in charge of their own lives and in charge of the world. You can help young people get ready for their future role by empowering them now.

This month’s column will focus on Asset #10 – Safety:

Combating fear, and growing up safe in an unsafe world
Young people who feel threatened, unsafe, or scared often spend a lot of time trapped in fear or in their attempts to protect themselves. They’re less likely to venture forth and take some healthy risks. On the other hand, young people who feel safe are more likely to feel secure enough to try new things. That’s why safety is an important part of feeling empowered. Fear, both imaginary and real, is a normal part of growing up. The key is learning to overcome it.

Here are the facts
Research shows that young people who feel safe in their surroundings are more likely to make positive contributions. About 51 percent of young people, ages 11–18, say they feel safe at home, at school, and in their neighborhood, according to Search Institute surveys. The key to safety is to create and maintain an environment that minimizes fear and maximizes opportunities to take healthy risks.

Tips for building this asset
Media reports fuel reality-based fears, such as crimes and accidents. You may inadvertently add to young people’s insecurity by feeling anxious yourself and believing the world is dangerous. Young people pick up on adults’ attitudes and beliefs even if they don’t tell children how they’re feeling. Be aware of your behavior, body language, and words—and those coming from others. When you talk to young people about particularly upsetting or frightening events, remind them such occurrences aren’t common. Point out the many ways people take care of one another to be safe.

Also try this
In your home and family:
Discuss with your child suggestions for how to remain safe in certain circumstances, and role-play situations. For example, create—and practice—an escape plan in case of a fire in your home. Identify a neighbor your child can go to in an emergency.
In your neighborhood and community: Donate your time, materials, or other resources to a local community center where children can safely play. If there isn’t a community center near you, work to establish one or create other safe activities for young people in your neighborhood.
In your school or youth program: Discuss with young people what it means to be safe at school or in your program. Encourage them to tell you—or other caring adults—if their safety ever feels threatened.

Are you a student looking for a summer job opportunity….One of the benefits of our Collab & MyCom initiatives is their connection to Youth Opportunities Unlimited (Y.O.U.). The organization has once again received funding to help match youngsters between the ages of 14 - 24 to meaningful summer work experiences. Visit to register, but hurry, available slots are filling up rapidly. If you're an employer and would like to support the program, visit the site & click on the "Employer" link for information.
From 6:00 - 8:00 pm on Monday, April 3rd at the Parma-Snow Library (2121 Snow Rd.) State Representative, Marlene Anielski will presenting information regarding a number of state-wide educational opportunities for students between the 7th & 12th grades. RSVP for the event at Call Will London at 614.644.6041 or email w/any questions.
Have you heard about the FREE Community 4th Grade String Program? Laurie Septaric, owner of Cappas Cakes & a member of the Community/Business/School Partnership has been graciously donating her time and talent since early this year teaching (w/help from 2 student assistants) 10, 2 - 4th grade students from 4 of our elementaries, how to play the violin. Their first concert is planned for Sunday, May 28th as part of the 10:15 Sunday worship service at St Peter UCC in Seven Hills. Lessons will continue through the summer months & Laurie is hoping to start a new beginner's class in June & perhaps another in September - the possibility of a "Music Camp" is also in the mix. What a great asset building program. Thanks, Laurie. See attached flyer for additional information.
Tuesday, April 25th is PARMA AREA KIWANIS DAY at Bakers Square restaurant on W.130 across from Sears. Twenty percent of all couponed sales made during the day will be donated to the organization, helping fund their many youth and community projects. Visit their facebook page at  to print your coupon and learn more about this great civic organization.
The MyCom Tri-city Youth Planning Committee hosted its first Community Meeting on March 23rd. during which folks learn of progress to-date & had an opportunity to voice their ideas and concerns. Watch for more information coming soon.
Congratulations to PAFAC (Parma Area Fine Arts Council) for a) reaching their 55th Anniversary and b) for the 2nd year in a row receiving a matching grant (in an amount increased from last year) from Cuyahoga Art & Culture. The money will be used to expand their FREE class offerings to seniors and teens alike. Help support this great , local non-profit by sending a tax deductible donation to Parma Area Fine Art Council, Inc., 7001 W. Ridgewood Dr.,Parma, OH 44129. Visit their web site at or email; Kathy Mabin at
Theseven Focus On The Future Action Teams presented additional detail to the Board during meeting early in March.  After deliberation, action was taken on these recommendation at a special meeting of the BOE on March 24th. Review their action and follow the progress of the Action Teams by visiting
Sponsored by the District's Adult Education Department, there's still time left to register for this FREE 3 session Financial Literacy course. Topics will include- Debt management, investing, savings, earning, unexpected crisis management and more. Where: Valley Forge High School; When: 4/26, 5/3, 5/10; Time: 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm. Registration is required & space is limited. Call 440-885-8797.
UH/Parma Medical Center will be hosting FREE Speech & Hearing Screenings, May 22nd & May 23rd for kids ages 2 - 6 at their Speech Therapy Dept  located in Medical Arts Center 1, Suite 309, 6681 Ridge Rd (on the corner opposite the Fire Station). Plan now and make your appointment for Monday, May 22nd from 1:00 - 4:00 pm or Tuesday, May 23rd from 9:00 to Noon by calling 440.743.4581.
The Collab's (at Hanna Elem on Snow & Chevy Blvd) nextMobile Food Pantry will take place on Thursday, April 13th. Help is needed in the morning (9:00 am) to unload & set-up, and again in the afternoon (2:00 pm) for distribution. During the afternoon distribution UH/Parma Medical Center, Community Health Nurses will be offering FREE blood pressure screenings and a representative from the Parma Health Ministry will be available to help folks apply for prescription assistance. Contact Kira Karabanovs, Dir. of Family & Community Engagement if you have any questions or for details on how you can get involved. Email:; ph: 440.842.7022.

Visit, for more information about the 40 Developmental Assets and ideas for helping young people build them. Or go here  for great asset-based parenting tips, tricks, activities and ideas.

Gene Lovasy

Community Volunteer/Activist

Volume 9, Issue 4, Posted 10:18 PM, 04.02.2017