Robert Oravec Celebrates 40 Years Of Service At Sirl's Automotive

Robert Oravec started working at Sirl's Automotive February 1st, 1977 when he was 18 years old. He has become the manager of the towing department and has been granted the Order of the Towman award, the highest honor a towman can receive. Since receiving the Order of the Towman award he has become a Captain of the Order of the Towman and has also received the ACE award twice. His boss, Dale R. Sirl Sr., has expressed how proud he is of the work that he has done and the time that he has committed to the company. He stated that Robert has "given the most dedication that any one person could give" and that he is the "heart and soul of the towing department." Robert has dedicated his life to being a tow truck driver and has dutifully given up many weekends and family functions to perform the duty that is required of a tow truck driver. Congratulations Robert on your 40 years of hard work at Sirl's Automotive.

Laura Oravec

Kristyn Oravec

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Volume 9, Issue 4, Posted 10:17 PM, 04.02.2017