There isn’t any business that comes to mind that doesn’t want to increase its income. That is the purpose of the business. Depending on the business you have, commercial or retail, you attempt to put your best foot forward. By placing your best foot forward, not only do your customers notice but the community that surrounds you also takes note, although it may not be on a conscious level. One of the tenants of good business is to embrace not only your customers but the community. That would translate into having a good rapport with other business and individuals in that community. Along with these attributes, maintaining a good appearance comes into play. Maintaining walkways and landscaping, if it applies, compliments the business, along with keeping the property clean and easily traveled not only by vehicles but by pedestrians. Which brings to mind something that is obvious to most pedestrians. During the winter months there are a number of businesses that, while the parking areas of their businesses are taken care of, the walkways surrounding their properties are woefully neglected. If this is read correctly, they are saying that they care neither for the pedestrians nor the city in which they reside. Why else would they only clear the path for perceived customers but for no one else in the city? Is this a dominant thought in society, to have no respect for the other person unless it effects me directly? For those businesses that fail to care for all people of the area there is an action that can easily get them to become conscious of the situation. If they only care about their own income, the best way to make them aware of the situation is to think twice if you want to patronize the business.

Perhaps that will serve as a wake-up call to them. It is possible that not only do these businesses need attention drawn to them but also the city in their actions. It is the Housing Commissioner who is responsible for the removal of the snow on walkways around the city. Should he be paid for not doing his job? Should he be retained for not doing his job? How many working people would have the security of a job if they ignored any part of their duties? From the information gathered it appears that the housing commissioner merely sends out letters to those who don’t comply with the city ordinance. He has sent out so many notices without taking any action that people ignore the notices because, in this instance, the Housing Commissioner is a paper tiger. People have grown to know that there are no consequences. So, along with not doing this part of his job, he wastes time, money and personnel by sending out notifications without any actions following. Now take into account the lives that are in harm’s way by walking in the street because walkways are hazardous. This doesn’t sound like an individual who should retain employment with the city or anywhere. Do you think he would be retained in the private sector? One cannot fault only the Commissioner but also the individual who hired him. Perhaps the Housing Commissioner will be given another raise for this performance by the city with limited resources.  

Leo Lampeter

retired looking to create action

Volume 9, Issue 5, Posted 2:42 PM, 05.02.2017