Seven Hills Voter REVOLT Needed!

The May primary election will bring Issue 4 to ballot. Issue 4, if passed, will cause the Seven Hills Charter to be amended. That amendment will cause the mayor's current part-time position to be changed to full-time. The part-time position - 32 hours per week - costs taxpayers $14,000.00 plus benefits. The proposed change to full-time - 40 hours per week - will raise the salary to $70,000.00 plus benefits. The cost of benefits could amount to $15,000.00+. The net result is that extra 8 hours per week will cost taxpayers approximately $1000.00 per week. WOW!

This proposal comes from Seven Hills Council. The best argument they have provided in support of the amendment is "it's the right thing to do." Another WOW! Not one example of an opportunity that was missed because the position is part-time has been presented. NOT ONE!

Taxpayers everywhere are clamoring for a decrease in the cost of government at all levels. We're being taxed and levied to financial death. Seven Hills voters need to take a stand against politicians lining their pockets with unjustified taxpayer dollars by voting NO on Issue 4.

Tom Jaros

A Seven Hills resident who first came to the City over 50 years ago. A frequent attendee to Council meetings and a one-time mayoral candidate.

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Volume 9, Issue 5, Posted 2:44 PM, 05.02.2017