Here’s a topic that should make everyone happy. Politicians by design are placed in office by the majority of the populace, in theory. They may be placed there by a circumstance such as a position vacated for whatever reason. What is the purpose of having the politician? They are in office to assist in the operation of the area as defined by the election. They are elected, hired, by the people to serve the people. According to logic that makes them employees of the people who placed them in office. The thought process is, they would appreciate you for selecting them for their position. They do appreciate you for their position when it comes to election time. Other than that it is rare to see hide nor hair of them, and to achieve something positive from them at any time is next to impossible. When they are up for election they will promise you the world. The trick is to get them to do anything, much less the world. One big indication of a poor political atmosphere is when there is no competition for the various offices. That is an indication that the people of the involved area are in despair. They simply have given up. The thought process is that nothing can be done, so why bother? That only creates complacency of the elected even more. No one will compete for this position so why even do any work? Because every elected official in an area may be so busy covering for one another the mind- set is why worry about security, we all cover for each other? 

So what do we have? We have an unopposed electorate that may cover for each other when incompetence and poor performance is observed. Now you are thinking, that is not possible. May one action be suggested. Look around you in your city. Is the population declining? Are the occupants of the city appearing of more questionable character? Are many homes vacant where they were once vibrant? All these and many more are indications of poor government. These indications do not occur over night but over a long period with elected officials concerned with their own welfare, not the area where they were entrusted. This can be exemplified by giving themselves an increase in pay even if they plead poverty for all other operations of government. What is often done by the elected officials to someone who may challenge their performance is that they resort to challenging the one who calls them to task. They attempt to divert attention from their own lack of performance to another, either person or area. The techniques of politicians are a well- schooled practices. For a moment think if you have ever received a direct response from someone involved in the political arena. It may have occurred; however on sensitive issues, it is doubtful that anything other than an evasive response was given. Could it be that they are insecure to the point that they are concerned about revealing their own performance openly? That would be the indication that could easily be deduced. If you recall, when Jimmy Dimora was taken into custody he repeatedly said, “I didn’t do anything anybody else didn’t do.” If that is the case we are in worse condition than we may be aware. 

Leo Lampeter

retired looking to create action

Volume 9, Issue 6, Posted 8:50 AM, 06.02.2017