What a wonderful word assets, if you have any. What a waste if you have assets and are not wise enough to nurture and develop them. Let’s look at the suburb in which we live. There is an ice rink which is used for some recreational skating but mostly for the benefit of the schools. Education is worth the expense. Parks are always welcome for the relaxation and sporting events. Stearns Farm could be a larger asset if the Historical Society would take advantage of improvements that have been offered, but it appears they are more interested in their personal stature.

There is no recreation center in Parma, so this is an asset that apparently isn’t seen as important. Parma was thriving before just about every other city that has a recreation center.                                                                                                           There is one more asset that the city has in its grasp- the golf course. Familiar or not, this as an asset that could render a huge advantage to the community if developed properly. Thus far city officials have determined their own welfare comes before investing in the city- $ 2.4 million in raises when we are told the city is broke. Some of the officials have determined that the golf course is not an asset. This may be because they have no vision and don’t want to give up their raises. Perhaps their assets on their brain. Initially, the golf course was such an asset that money from the course assisted in funding the city. With the draining of funds from the course it could not maintain the upkeep as it should have. Through a series of missteps by city officials over the years, the course was in such disrepair it struggled. Through a series of good fortune for the city, there are personnel in place that have the vision to make the course a profitable concern. There are supporters of this facility who are truly a godsend. It is past time that this facility be awarded the equipment needed and to have a first- rate course. Unfortunately, a large investment is needed. The clubhouse should be replaced, it is in that poor condition.                                                                                             With the proper foresight, a new clubhouse could generate a steady flow of income, not only for the facility itself but quite possibly for the city, AGAIN. What is needed is true leadership in the city, something that is sorely lacking. This could be because to take this risk would possibly jeopardize any elected official’s career. The risk is there because so many poorly run golf courses are on hard times. Good people with appropriate skills are needed. There are key positions that have people with vision. One of the most important skills is people skills, convincing the ones who hold the purse strings to open up the city’s wallet. Visual improvements in other areas have been made that were not necessarily needed but merely to promote and elected officials positions. Why not invest in the people who have labored with a concern and pride for improving that which could be one part of a draw to the city to get families and working people attracted to the city again.

The only question that remains is who is going to have the courage to stand up for the interest of the city and not only for themselves? A banquet facility, an indoor golf simulator and a license for liquor is a party waiting to happen. This will give evidence as to whether city administrators are more concerned with the progress of the city or with themselves. It also will reveal their ability in the thought process. After this improvement a decision can be made on Memorial Hall. How intelligent would it be not to make this investment? Are investments going to be made in the city or are raises going to take a priority?

Leo Lampeter

retired looking to create action

Volume 9, Issue 9, Posted 1:06 PM, 09.01.2017