Comparing Two Different American Presidents

I am a former Boy Scout. I never made Eagle Scout; but came close, reaching the rank of Life Scout. A major part of why I never made Eagle was that there wasn't a scout troop in my neighborhood until I was almost 14 years old. So when I was 16, I joined an Explorer Post which is more attuned to high school age boys. However I did attend the 1964 Boy Scout National Jamboree that was held at Valley Forge Pennsylvania. For me it was exciting to be at Valley Forge PA since my high school was named after that location in history. I graduated from Valley Forge High School in 1966.

At that jamboree, President Lyndon Johnson addressed the Boy Scouts. I don't remember much of what he said. One thing I do remember from that Presidential address was a plane flying overhead towing a banner saying "Vote for Goldwater". 1964 was an election year, but the audience of Boy Scouts was too young to vote.

Here are some excerpts from that speech:

This country of ours is a community built on an idea. Its history is the history of an idea. And its future will be bright only so long as you are faithful to that idea.

It all began right here where we are standing tonight. In 1777, in Valley Forge, a few thousand men suffered and starved through the freezing cold of the harsh winter. They did not have, as you have, regular meals, a decent place to sleep, protection from harm.

But they did have an idea, an idea and a dream. That idea gave them the strength to survive the winter, and when their ordeal was over, George Washington led them forth to liberate and to create the United States of America.

The American idea is, first of all, the belief in freedom and the rights of man. Government was to be chosen and directed by the people. And every individual citizen was to have the right to speak his views, to worship as he wanted, and to be safe from the arbitrary acts of Government. Even if a single man stood alone against the entire Nation, that single man was to be protected in his beliefs and in his right to voice those beliefs.

This dedication to freedom was founded on the great moral truth that all men were created equal. This was recognition that all men were equal in the eyes of God. Being equal, the poorest and the most oppressed among us had the same right as all others to share in Government, to enjoy liberty, to pursue happiness as far as his abilities would take him.

It will be up to you to carry this idea forward. For it is not yet a reality for all in this land.

These ideas are as old as your country, but they are not old-fashioned ideas. They are as alive and as vital as America itself.

I have no doubt that if you remain true to them, you will remember these days of scouting as only the beginning of a lifetime of useful service to America.

Here is a link to what LBJ said at the 1964 Boy Scout Jamboree that I attended:

Now here are excerpts from Donald Trump’s speech:

Do you remember that famous night on television, November 8th where they said, these dishonest people, where they said, there is no path to victory for Donald Trump. They forgot about the forgotten people.

By the way, they're not forgetting about the forgotten people anymore. They're going crazy trying to figure it out, but I told them, far too late; it's far too late.

But you remember that incredible night with the maps, and the Republicans are red and the Democrats are blue, and that map was so red it was unbelievable. And they didn't know what to say.

And you know, we have a tremendous disadvantage in the Electoral College. Popular vote is much easier. We have -- because New York, California, Illinois, you have to practically run the East Coast. And we did. We won Florida. We won South Carolina. We won North Carolina. We won Pennsylvania.

And we go to Wisconsin, now, Wisconsin hadn't been won in many, many years by a Republican. But we go to Wisconsin, and we had tremendous crowds. And I'd leave these massive crowds, I'd say, why are we going to lose this state?

The polls, that's also fake news. They're fake polls. But the polls are saying -- but we won Wisconsin.

So I have to tell you, what we did, in all fairness, is an unbelievable tribute to you and all of the other millions and millions of people that came out and voted for make America great again.

The full text of Trump’s speech is at this link:

Now I realize that LBJ was not the perfect President, nor was he the best President that this country produced. But despite LBJ's faults, our current President couldn't hold a candle to LBJ. For better and for worse, LBJ left a giant legacy on the United States and we are still dealing with his legacy today. So I ask, what would those Boy Scouts of 2017 remember from their President fifty years from now?

Lee Kamps

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