Citizen Of Month Photo

The whole thing began with a letter to Mayor Tim DeGeeter's office from Esther Hofener. She was wondering if the City of Parma had a "Good Neighbor of the Year" ... "or of the decade" award. Esther and her husband, the Rev. Robert, have lived on Stary Drive for 53 years, and she says, "for decades" their neighbor across the street, David Rusnik, has been plowing their driveway, sometimes several times a day, at no cost. He does it for other senior neighbors as well, and is just the best neighbor any of them could have wished for. So Mayor Tim DeGeeter named David the Citizen of the Month and invited David to come to a City Council meeting. He promptly declined, because he felt no need for recognition, citing just being a good neighbor and "not doing anything out of the ordinary." He even suggested "there are other individuals who are more deserving." So Mayor DeGeeter went to Esther's home on Stary Drive so that David could be presented with the award in the home of the people who nominated him.

Jeannie Roberts

Communications Director for the City of Parma

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Volume 10, Issue 4, Posted 10:16 PM, 04.01.2018