Turkey Talk

A few weeks ago, my daughter, Kathy, invited me to stay the weekend at her new residence. Her move to a recently developed area of new homes proved to be the catalyst for quite an entertaining experience. The mood was set when the early evening arrived. She called me to watch ten wild turkeys select their high perch in the edge of the forest adjacent to her back yard. I sat like a little kid waiting for Santa. This breathtaking occurrence has happened about three evenings every week since she moved in. Thick vegetation and tall trees provided a panorama of wildlife as we watched the turkeys select their haven for the night.

From our inside look through the picture window, I was surprised to see that some of the leaner branches were preferred by our visiting residents. It was especially amazing when I saw their skinny legs that supported their large bodies.  As some were in pairs and others alone for the night, I was fascinated by their balance. Skinny legs on skinny branches seemed to me like an accident waiting to happen. Yet, the group was quiet as they settled in for the night.  At my daughter’s suggestion, we both were up at seven the next morning—just in time to see all ten of the turkeys fly down to the grassy area directly behind her house. There was a constant chattering and bustling about. Not one of them stood quietly.  They all visited with each other like we humans would do. Their continual, circular, interactive movements resembled our sharing of events with friends. And I could almost hear them gossiping:

 “Listen everybody, will you look at Erma’s hair!”  “Hey Barney, move over so I can make plans with Gertie.”  “Mavis, you better not be sharing seeds with MY Elmer!” ”Josie, don’t forget that I’m first in line today.” “Hey guys, try and keep up with me,” boasted arrogant Charlie, throwing his chest out another inch. “Hazel, don’t forget you owe me two berries from yesterday.”  “Jed, you look so rested and strong,” drooled Mazie, “We’ll talk later!”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

The turkeys continued their perpetual motion with the group. Their bodies kept running and rotating in circles while they talked non-stop. Yet, a forward direction kept them moving slowly, but with purpose.  Finally, they seemed to hurry and stretch out like a long line of wiggle and determination. Their leader must have cheered them on because they picked up speed while constantly chattering. Their curvy, single file resembled a whip being unleashed. They went over the hill and were gone.

Quickly, our action-comedy came to a disappointing end. This event was an unusual wake-up call for me, but worth every laugh the gaggle of turkeys provided. My visit with nature left me with a reference any time I hear gobbling in the wild. I’ll know it’s genuine. It’s Turkey Talk.      


Lizabeth Braskie

I'm a retired Sun Newspaper typist. I've been writing freelance articles for the past twenty five years. Some of them are personal experiences having to do with my family of eight children and a total of twenty grandchildren. They keep me busy with a variety of subject matter.

Volume 10, Issue 4, Posted 10:15 PM, 04.01.2018