PCSD High School Seniors Awarded $96,000 In Scholarships At Winners Circle Recognition

Normandy High School scholarship recipients at Winners Circle.

On April 13, high school seniors from throughout the Parma City School District were awarded scholarships during an annual day of recognition known as Winners Circle. Organized entirely by the Parma Council of PTAs, Winners Circle assemblies are held at Normandy, Parma and Valley Forge High School throughout the entire day. This year, 115 scholarships were awarded, totaling just over $96,000. “Seeing the students come through elementary school all the way up now to graduation, and how successful they’ve become through our school system is, of course, a brag point,” Angela Revay, Parma Council of PTA president said.

The sponsors of the scholarships represent a cross-section of all three communities. One of the most recognizable fundraising campaigns in the district is the annual Geranium Sale for Scholarships, now in its 66th year. Besides that sale, each building’s PTA unit individually raises funds for scholarships throughout the year. Other sponsors include former PTA units, alumni associations, local businesses, service organizations and individual family donations. 

“PTA units from school buildings that have closed tried to set up funding to continue to give scholarships,” Revay said. “State Road, for example, has given one the past few years even after their building closed. They have been able to keep it going, which is great.” 

All PCSD high school seniors are welcome to apply for the scholarships. The application process begins over winter break when PTA posts the scholarship application on the website.  When students return in January, PTA then offers assemblies in each building to provide more information for families. Interested students complete the applications and return them in early February. Once the applications are received, PTA members at the building and district level begin to review the applications. All scholarships remain anonymous during the entire review process. Scholarship applications are also shared with the sponsors to review and rank. Once the entire review process is completed, the results are tabulated. 

High school seniors are invited to the Winners Circle ceremony along with all the sponsors. At the ceremony, scholarship winners are individually recognized and invited to share with those in attendance their plans after high school. “Knowing that a lot of them are going on to be engineers or in the medical field or teaching, it’s just really a highlight to see all the good things for these students and other students who may or may not have been awarded a scholarship,” Revay added.

After the Winners Circle ceremony, students have an opportunity to meet with their sponsor. Both the student’s family and the sponsors are then invited to the annual PTA scholarship dinner, this year held on May 10. At the dinner, scholarship winners are once again commended and recognized for their successes. 

Congratulations to all of the high school seniors from Normandy, Parma and Valley Forge who received a scholarship this year! 

Amy Popik

Communications Coordinator for the Parma City School District

Volume 10, Issue 5, Posted 7:32 AM, 05.03.2018