Parma Gets Additional Public Input On Town Center

Receiving public feedback on the Parma Town Center Strategic Master Plan is heavily important in making the Parma Town Center a reality. With the use of the public’s input, it becomes possible to update, modify, or eliminate different actions and aspects from the plan to reflect the public’s wants for the Town Center. Parma along with the Cuyahoga Planning Commission held a second public meeting on Tuesday, May 1st regarding the current state of the Master Plan. This meeting was two of three meetings being held to obtain public feedback on the emerging plan. The meeting focused on a numerous goals for the Town Center and the action steps being taken to meet those goals.

Over 250 responses and over 300 comments were provided on the online survey made to yield public feedback. A wide range of positive feedback was provided online and in the meeting as well. The online survey and the meeting were structured around the goals of the Master Plan such as: making the district more connected and walkable, increasing the amounts of open spaces, making a more sustainable area, adding vibrant entertainment districts, as well as defining the district and giving it an identity. Based on the public meeting and online survey, it became evident that the public prominently supported the implementation of defining the district and giving it the identity of the “Crossroads of Parma.”

A favorable turnout from the public and different Parma organizations such as the Young Professionals of Parma showed up at the meeting to express their support for the plan. Senior Planner for the Cuyahoga Planning Commission, Michael Mears, was very satisfied with the feedback and the attendance at the second meeting, “I’m happy with the wide-range of feedback received in-person at the meeting and really pleased with the attendance and the good mix of different organizations that came to support.”

The last step in the process is the creation of the final plan document. The document will bring the Parma Town Center closer to reality. This document will be presented to the Cuyahoga County Planning Commission and the City Council and if the plan is adopted, it will become a guide for the city. This guide sets recommendations on how the city can move forward for the future and also provide the city with a tool kit, allowing city officials to see the parts they like and the parts they need to revise. Having a written document helps get the Town Center grants and funding sources it needs to complete the project. This document is a community document. It is focused on fulfilling the public’s wants and needs for the Town Center as well as assuring the involvement and engagement of the community.

“We like to think of it as a community plan. We would love to get enough feedback from all age groups to make sure all public opinions are represented,” Mears said.

The third and final public meeting is expected to be scheduled for this summer.

“The Crossroads of Parma is such an important project for the city, and we have appreciated all the public input we’ve received. The town center is for all the people, and that’s why participating in the public input part of the project is so important. Even though we are making great progress on making this a reality, there is still time for residents to let us know what they are thinking,” Parma Mayor Tim DeGeeter said.

David Schniegenberg

Student at The Ohio State University and Intern with the City of Parma

Volume 10, Issue 6, Posted 12:36 PM, 06.02.2018