The Blessings Of Spring

The month of May certainly holds some reasons for celebrating. Not only is the weather reflecting a positive improvement, but the calendar reveals opportunities for lots of family gatherings. Aside from the holidays that focus on picnics and outdoor activities, my family has a few birthdays to celebrate that add to the festivities.

The Birthday Bunch will all be blowing out their candles at various times during the month. But our little miracle baby, Aaron, will have two big candles on his cake this week. He was born prematurely and has endured many serious procedures. According to speculation by his doctor, he might soon be giving up the oxygen unit that has been his constant companion since birth. This little guy is a born fighter that has overcome many operations and procedures that stood in his way. He walks around the house carefully to accommodate his oxygen companion, is learning a variety of words and gives special hugs to all. His captivating smile can melt your heart. His dad, Jim, also has a birthday this month and has Aaron help with blowing out the candles. Jim also agrees that this little bundle of blessings seems to bring an aura of happiness and calm wherever he goes and whomever he touches.

Aaron likes to play with his older sister, Falin, and older brother, Thomas. They try to help their little brother navigate around toys and sit and play with him when they can. He has quite a lot of patience so some of their interactions last for a while. What melts my heart when I see him is his loveable grin on his cute little face. He is quite a ladies man and can charm the cookies right off the plate. Since he lives in Columbus, the visits are not as often as I would like, but are very special when they do happen. Luckily, Jim keeps me up to date on what’s happening  with our little bundle of energy. He tells me of the doctor visits and therapy that occur regularly, and how progress is being made.  Jim lets me know whenever a breakthrough occurs or another triumph is achieved. I’m hoping that when Aaron  is relieved of his oxygen unit and sees how fast he can get from one place to another, there will be no stopping him. It will be like watching a flower grow and burst into bloom right in front of our eyes.

It’s times like these that remind us of our blessings that we sometimes take for granted. It’s hard to imagine life without these gifts and how they change our lives for the better. I don’t wonder why our lives are what they are, but try to appreciate what we have and why. And take every opportunity we can to share with those we love the blessings we have been given.   

Lizabeth Braskie

I'm a retired Sun Newspaper typist. I've been writing freelance articles for the past twenty five years. Some of them are personal experiences having to do with my family of eight children and a total of twenty grandchildren. They keep me busy with a variety of subject matter.

Volume 10, Issue 6, Posted 12:36 PM, 06.02.2018