Siege The Day

Beyond our walls, the celestial plane propels comprehension of what when even understood remains mysterious; for within our blood flows all knowing ancient secrets of self, and our oneness within all creation.

The verity of this indomitable force is as vibrantly energetic as supernova, and as subtle as conception itself, the blinking of eyes, or the drawing of breath.

This imminent pendulum shift convalesces and liberates souls, as is the way of God consciousness.

To quest this is the blessing of higher collective awareness, where actualization reminds us that we are replicas of the heavenly body and starry plane...

Yet we steadily insist on building more walls between one another while knowing at our deepest center that we are one, and ceaselessly proclaim this as we recite passages from our holy books.

We continue to build higher and broader walls of containment that divides us perilously further from our core being of love and God essence.

To these walls we must lay siege, a siege to bring them down between one another - brick by brick, that its mortar may diminish and crumble forevermore.

That we may release our walls from the far side of yesterday, unto the golden promise of tomorrow.

For in the end, when all the bullets have quieted their crackle through space, cutting through all that has been - this world, and all its oceans of crashing tears shall forevermore be hallowed.

With only the distant echo of our once standing song to remain...

Davidione Pearl

Freelance writer, musician, photographer, and philanthropic traveler.

Volume 10, Issue 8, Posted 11:23 AM, 08.01.2018