LEGOLAND Discovery Center

Nestled in the arms of a suburban mall in Michigan, we found our afternoon enjoyment at the “Ultimate Indoor Lego Playground.” This visit was sure to capture the attention of grandkids, eight year old Sam, and six year old Abigail.  Their mom and dad invited me along to share in the discovery of what can be created with one’s imagination and a handful of Legos.  

We were introduced to our experience by guides and pamphlets showcasing the areas of creativity. Although this was a scaled-down version of Lego’s larger playground in the state of Florida, we were amazed at the construction of the displays. Whole town centers were reproduced in detail, whether they were in a busy city or on the edge of country living. Also, there were many tables and stools along the way inviting the public to stop a while and build something.  Most areas were loaded with plenty of colorful Legos waiting to become someone’s masterpiece. The idea was to use one’s imagination to leave as an example of individual creativity. I was rather proud of my small, four-sided house until l saw what was left on the next table. Someone had taken the time to construct a mini version of a Grand Piano, complete with the identifiable black shape and white keys. It was certainly a crowd pleaser and a great example of what you can do with a handful of material and a dose of creativity.

Another surprise grabbed my attention. Scattered among  the displays were Lego statues of teenage girls. They were approximately four feet tall. Some had long hair and casual clothes that seemed to be in a windy area as shown by their poses. They were remarkable in that at a distance they appeared almost real. I had to look closely to see the intricate molding of their hair, face and clothing. Each was quite a beautiful arrangement showing what else can be created with those wonderful pieces of Lego art.

There were two small rides that could entertain the younger kids while on their way through the displays. And at the end, there was a gift shop waiting for curious and eager, old and young alike. I was amazed at some of the intricate model assemblies that would challenge anyone’s dexterity and determination. There were smaller kits for beginners as well as larger boxes for seasoned experts. I noticed many young shoppers that were excited to get home and start building. As for me, I’ll be cheering for Sam and Abby, and waiting for the results of their purchase. I’m secretly happy that I can also participate in this creativity and join in the fun. I think I can build something better than my four sided house, especially  with the boxes in my hands.  We loaded our shopping cart, then hurried thru the check out. The kids weren’t the only ones who couldn’t wait to get home 

Lizabeth Braskie

I'm a retired Sun Newspaper typist. I've been writing freelance articles for the past twenty five years. Some of them are personal experiences having to do with my family of eight children and a total of twenty grandchildren. They keep me busy with a variety of subject matter.

Volume 10, Issue 9, Posted 3:39 PM, 09.02.2018