Decisions, Decisions

In the March issue of this publication my brother Corbin published an article titled Doing What's Right. What he said in that piece is much more important today so I asked him to update it and resubmit it. He declined saying he no longer wanted to spend his “valuable time” exposing the spin, innuendo, half-truths and lies that come from liberals because the vast majority of people are smart enough to see through what they say without his pointing out how ridiculous most of their nonsense is. When I questioned how valuable his time really is he promptly ended the conversation by telling me if I thought it was so important I should devote my own time to it. Corbin can be an obstinate cuss, especially when he disagrees with me, but I do think it's important so....

Every year the IMF (International Monetary Fund) audits member countries and recommends improvements. In his March article, Corbin discussed the recommendations made in the last IMF audit of this country and how beneficial those recommendations would be. He then noted how closely those recommendations corresponded to the President's agenda and asked why liberal politicians were opposing an agenda that would benefit the people of this country. He concluded that it was due to “deceit, ignorance, and/or hatred” and designed to put liberals in power regardless of whom it hurt. (The full article is on the Observer's web site.)

Trump is not the most articulate man in the world and, consequently, has a terrible public image. However, we know what his agenda is and, as the IMF confirmed, there is no doubt that it would benefit this country. On the other hand, we don't really know what the agenda is of liberals who oppose him. Abolish ICE and Medicare for all are the most common items we hear but they come from the far, far left and both are as bizarre as the far, far right wanting to abolish the IRS. ICE only enforces the immigration laws. Anyone who disagrees with those laws should want to change them, not do away with enforcement. In fact, one IMF recommendation said, “A comprehensive, skills-based reform of the immigration system has the potential to expand the labor force, improve the dependency ratio, and raise the average level of human capital.” And that is what Trump asked for and liberals opposed. The problem with Medicare for all was clearly demonstrated in California. Liberals passed a single payer system without providing too much information about it. According to the LA Times, 65% of voters supported it. Then the cost was revealed, which would have doubled the budget of the state with the highest state income tax, and the 65% in favor changed to 80% against and it was dropped. 

The more moderate left understands the socialists' agenda is a sure loser but they have nothing to offer voters that is of greater benefit than what Trump is already trying to provide with his agenda. If they did they would be running on it. Since they don't, they do nothing but try to smear Trump and block his agenda so they can say he didn't deliver on his promises. An article in last month's Observer provided a great example. It said that Trump was like Nixon and Nixon had something to hide and, therefore, asked, “So, what does Trump have to hide?” Innuendo at it's finest, only used by lazy, dishonest writers when there is no evidence to support their opinions. 

So why is it more important today? Because the midterms are next month. Liberals keep telling us to vote for Democrats because Trump is a terrible person. Conservatives keep telling us to vote for Republicans because Trump improved the economy with his tax cuts and deregulation. (Both of which were among the IMF recommendations.) But the real choice is about moving the country forward. You may not like Trump, but voting for Republicans will help move his agenda forward which will help the people of this country. Alternatively, you may like a particular Democrat, but if (s)he will at best block an agenda that will benefit you and at worst support legislation that will harm you, as Corbin concluded, you're “just cutting off your nose to spite your face.” 

Volume 10, Issue 10, Posted 11:41 AM, 10.01.2018