The Real Danger

A real danger to this country was exposed by the Kavanaugh hearings and it seems to have been completely overlooked. Had Feinstein chosen to act when she originally received Doctor Ford's letter, it could have been investigated privately and Ford's desire for anonymity could have been honored. Instead, at the end of the hearings the letter was leaked, and liberal Democrats demanded to hear Ford's testinony during which she was asked how sure she was about her memory. “100%,” she replied. We were then told that her story was corroborated by other people she had told it to and that a polygraph test also proved she was telling the truth. Or so they said.

According to Doctor Ford, her claim started as a repressed memory that she recovered during couples therapy. The American Psychiatric Association issued a position paper on repressed memories in which they state repressed memories are often inaccurate and therefore, “Psychiatrists should maintain an empathetic, nonjudgmental, neutral stance towards reported memories of sexual abuse.” According to the American Psychological Association, the only way to determine if a repressed memory is true or false is by corroborating evidence. The AMA agreed saying they considered recovered memories “to be of uncertain authenticity, which should be subject to external verification." And the external evidence in this case indicated that Ford's memory was indeed false. The witnesses she remembered refuted her memory, including her best friend who said she was never at a party with Kavanaugh and didn't know him.

Repressed memories seem so real Doctor Ford would have been 100% certain when she told other people about it and would have passed a polygraph test regardless of the truth. Doctor Ford is a psychologist so, as the experts in her profession state, she should have understood that she should have external evidence before going forward. But it's difficult, if not impossible, to think logically and professionally when the subject is you so she shouldn't be faulted. However, the same cannot be said for the liberal Democrats because the evidence points to their using Ford for their own purposes. They ignored the facts about repressed memories, ignored her request for privacy and forced her to go public by leaking the letter. Then they asked the country to choose sides and said if you didn't believe Ford it was proof that you favored women being assaulted. And liberals everywhere ran with it. Even this publication ran an article that asked, “Should he get a pass on this because that was more than 36 years ago?” Sane and rational people were not wondering if he should “get a pass.” They were examining the evidence to determine if he was guilty. That's what sane and rational adults do in this country. At least it used to be.

And all the while the circus was in session a left wing mob was attempting to get their way by throwing a tantrum, disrupting the proceedings and bullying Senators, cheered on by elected liberal Democrats screaming “who do you believe” and “get in their face.”

The evidence makes it abundantly clear that liberal Democrats had no interest in the truth. It was all about pumping up their base and gaining votes, especially from women, for the midterms. And therein lies the real danger. Successful strategies often become the norm in politics. If their behavior is rewarded it is what we will see on every issue from now on. 

When the Democratic Party was controlled by sane and rational adults it was the party of the working man, of the middle class. It was a party that had no need to call for mob violence or to try to flimflam us into voting for it. It ran on issues that helped the middle class and that's why we supported it. I want that Party back. And if you too want the madness to end there is only one way to make that happen. When you go to your polling place on Tuesday, vote against every single Democrat on the ballot. And keep voting against them until sane and rational adults regain control of the Party and their platform is something other than “get in their face.” 

Grayson Luna

I am who I am and I will be what I will be, neither of which should influence readers or have anything to do with the veracity of what I write.

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Volume 10, Issue 11, Posted 4:59 PM, 11.01.2018