I Believe

Along the road of life, each one of us needs reliable direction for the journey. Anticipation is a significant part of the excitement of Jesus’ return. Anyone desiring forgiveness of sin and eternal salvation must come to God through Jesus Christ. Becoming more optimistic takes time, effort, and determination; but it can be done. Belief is believing in something that cannot always be proved by reasoning. Believers are to pursue spirituality that is authentic, compassionate, and just. Best to obey Scripture (God’s Word) than any other declared authority. God alone is totally worthy of all our devotion and praise. God loves the rich, the poor, and everybody in between. God’s way of life is the way of love and giving which yields happiness, joy, and peace. Honorable citizens in America are on the decline from bottom to top. Humility is making the most of what we do not like. It is God’s free gift of grace that justifies us (declares us righteous). Many people have hidden agendas; God does not. Our faith must rest on the power of God. Our spiritual house (our heart) suffers when left unattended. People devoted to help make the world a better place are more inclined to see the brighter side of life. People who insult others (especially children) inflict wounds that never heal completely. Positive thinking helps us do everything better than negative thinking will. Scripture reminds us that we are to serve others, especially the needy. “Shame” is being aware of doing something wrong. The Lord’s commandments are clear and provide light so the eyes can see. We all experience sorrow, but we stand certain in the promises of God. We need to encourage one another in times of despair and rely on faith, hope, and love. We yearn for the person with self-control, temperance, and strong moral character.

Self-reflection is always a good exercise. What I believe is a work in progress, not limited to these statements and subject to change. What do YOU believe?

Daniel Taddeo

Longtime Parma Hts. resident and educator in the Parma School district.

Volume 11, Issue 1, Posted 12:09 AM, 01.02.2019