From Paycheck To Paycheck

From Paycheck to Paycheck
Our government workers
Received their paychecks
One zero followed by another
A wall now divides
The haves and have-nots
Clueless leaders don’t seem to be bothered
What we have heard
It’s what we all know
We live from paycheck to paycheck
Paying the mortgage
Feeding our loved ones
A nightmare of “what happens next?”
For homeless Clevelanders
Push comes to shove
The Metroparks’ heartless deadline
For those well-off
With money to spare
They couldn’t care less, they’re just fine
We chuckle at those
Who shop to save
Walmart is a not so funny joke
From paycheck to paycheck
It’s how most of us live
There’s no harm in being common folk
Millions are “this close”
A mere paycheck away 
From living life out on the street
Be kind and generous
Reach out, shake a hand
Look into their eyes when you meet
We are all a family
Trying hard to survive
Some lives are derailed in the wreck
The saddest reality?
The American Dream
Stretched and torn from paycheck to paycheck
Copyright ©2018 Jack P. Marschall

Jack P. Marschall

Visitor Services Representative (VSR), Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Former Communications Director, City of Parma Former Cleveland news broadcaster

Volume 11, Issue 2, Posted 10:34 AM, 02.01.2019