We Have A Dream: Beyond Walls..

Dearest Americans,

Monday January 21st, 2019 again marked the day we hold in supreme honor, the never-setting sun upon the crown of our King. Yet it inexorably continues to be a day immediately contrasted hitherto by the beast of infamy. For today, we quite starkly rest our morals of conviction within the fixed aggregate bricks of a wall...

Walls Of The Mind: Walls Of Containment

Leftists rested well after making history; subsequently bickering themselves into splinters.
The Far Right mobilized, seizing upon the lapse ensuring a presidency - and with it, twenty-six state houses of which shall invariably slant districts to their favor far into the foreseeable future. Yet never before have sides been this polar-galvanized in their cries and risen fists during The Information Age, with so many still remarkably at rest.

Unbridled Ego

What has been in the far recesses of the mind for many; that thing beyond the looking glass grinning through the mirrors and smoke - the creature of antiquity repeatedly being driven through the great chambers of hope, blows hot blistering firestorm winds of strident division once more.

Paradigm Shift

People are uniting, Reuniting, Discovering, Rediscovering. What must no longer remain dormant.


This seemingly salted barren no man's land terrain, is equally fertile in passion evermore for patriots to follow through. To take root. To anchor, grind, and hold the line. For their particular rest is over.

Eyes open

In you resides spirit awakening, beckoning your role as ancestor in the making; here, and now. A state of being, in devoted communion to protecting those to come, the land upon which they will walk, the water they will drink, the air they will breathe, and how they shall be received. May we always help reveal awakening light in others, band in engaged community, strive to connect across the many threads and tailors of critical thinking, and seek to affirm the sacred overarching mortality in us all. Flourish your dreams. They are needed more than ever now.

There is a dream beyond walls - a true spanning humanity of cultural bridges.

Davidione Pearl

Freelance writer, musician, photographer, and philanthropic traveler.

Volume 11, Issue 2, Posted 10:34 AM, 02.01.2019