A Subtle Golden Hue

Once the new growth and summer arrive, this Spruce will have a tantalizing golden hue. | Photo courtesy of West Holmes Arboretum.

Many property lots in Parma are of a small size which creates difficulties in choosing appropriate sized trees. While most lot sizes in northern Parma are in the 40-foot wide range, those in the more southern area of Parma may have a little more room to work with. Colorado Blue Spruces (Picea pungens) and Norway Spruce (Picea abies ) are two evergreens that are easy to obtain but can grow extremely large in both height and diameter.  As a matter of fact, in the wild both of these trees can grow over 100 -150 feet tall, although that height will most likely not be reached in an urban area.

However, there are many cultivars that will not grow quite as large plus will also have enjoyable characteristics. One such cultivar is the Golden Norway Spruce (Picea abies Aurea). Each year the new growth will be a golden yellow hue, particularly in the summer months. In maybe 40-50 years it may top out at a full height of about 35 feet and a diameter of maybe 15 feet. These characteristics may make this cultivar a great focal point for a well thought out landscape arrangement. This cultivar is an old one and was first mentioned in writing in 1855.

At 23 years old the Golden Norway Spruce shown in the photo is about 24 feet tall and the spread of the lowest branches is about 12 feet. As this photo is taken in early Spring the color is darker but rest assured once the new growth and Summer arrives it will have a much more golden hue. Additional accent shrubs or trees with different color hues can create a smorgasbord of colors.

There are many cultivars of all tree species available. Just a little research and you can find that perfect focal point for your own personal landscape.

William Subjoc

Parma resident since 1988.

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Volume 11, Issue 5, Posted 7:36 AM, 05.01.2019