I Believe

A positive approach succeeds more than any other approach. All stand to benefit when we reach out with love to others. Amazing things can be accomplished when we resolve to live out our faith in unity.  At times our burdens can seem so heavy that the joy in our hearts is all but crushed. Attention towards the needs of others is a healthy sign. Give not advice without being asked; and when desired, do it briefly. God loves us with even greater love than we can even imagine.God welcomes us into a kingdom of peace that passes all human understanding.

If we aren’t realistic, our daily plans will always be greater than our actual accomplishments. If we claim to believe God, our actions should represent him accurately. If we don’t bloom where we are, chances are we will not bloom at all. In the midst of our failures, God loves us and gives us the power to love others. It is better to be alone than remain in the presence of bad company. Many people in our society live by “it’s all about me” attitude.
Many tend to remember God more in times of anguish, sorrow, or fear than in times of joy.
One believes with the heart and so is justified, and one confesses with the mouth and so is saved.Our faith helps us to believe that God is love. Our hearts are restless until they rest with God.

People lean heavily towards getting rather than giving. People must accept the consequences of their bad behavior. Having it both ways is not an option. Society tends to sway and change. God is our only constant in life. The actions of caring, giving, and sacrificing say “I love you.” The end results of obeying God’s commandments are peace, joy, and contentment. There is always more to learn and God knows what we are ready to hear. Thinking is not agreeing or disagreeing. That is voting. Those who delight in God’s ways will grow, thrive, and bring forth good fruit. Violating Biblical principles leads to negative consequences. We cannot give to others what we do not possess.

Self-reflection is always a good exercise. What I believe is a work in progress, not limited to these statements and subject to change. What do YOU believe?

Daniel Taddeo

Longtime Parma Hts. resident and educator in the Parma School district.

Volume 11, Issue 6, Posted 4:53 PM, 06.03.2019