Script Parma Sign To Inspire Pride

I am very happy to report that after months of fundraising and many planning meetings, the city of Parma is now the home to a script Parma sign. Our sign was inspired by the script Cleveland signs that have become all the rage of selfie fans in the region. As an avid runner, I often include the script Cleveland signs as a part of my training routine. The Cleveland signs have really boosted the cool-factor of Cleveland and I know that the Parma sign will do the same for our community. This is just one way I wanted to give back to the community that has been so good to me and my family.

I am also happy to report that the sign and its installation were all paid for without using taxpayer dollars. In fact, the money for the Parma sign was raised through the Parma Charitable Fund, a private, non-profit community booster organization I founded. Most of the funding came from proceeds from the annual Parma Run-Walk for Pierogies.  Further, several non-profits, individuals, and businesses also contributed to the project, including The First Energy Foundation, Barry Axelrod of Axelrod GMC-Buick, McGowan Governmental Underwriters, Strategic Aggregation Consultants, Donna Koler of Koler Financial, Fred LoSciavo from Antonio’s Restaurant, Attorney Stephen Zashin, Parma Law Director Timothy Dobeck, Rick Capone, Paul Chuppa of Chuppa’s Marketplace, Janet Stanley, Mayor Timothy DeGeeter, Ward Five Councilman Allan Divis, Stefan and Oksana Stefaniuk, the Gliebe Family, Mark Kazmierski, Michelle Blazak, Parma Auditor Brian Day, Leo Samokieszyn, Parma School Board member John Schweitzer and his wife Debra, Arlene and Raymond Spies, and Leslie and James Visconti. I was adamant about raising the money for the sign from donations, then donating it to the residents of the city, which is exactly how it was done.

I wish to thank all of our generous donors who helped bring the vision of the script Parma sign come to life, especially the many runners and walkers who have participated in the Run-Walk for Pierogies over the past several years. I also want to thank Mayor Timothy DeGeeter, Service Director Brian Higgins, Recreation Director Mickey Vittardi, Ward Eight Councilman Dennis Kish and all of the my city council colleagues for their enthusiastic support of the project.

The sign was designed and manufactured by the Signature Sign Company – the creator of the Cleveland signs. Bruce, the owner, and his crew are very talented artists who take a lot of pride in their work. I demanded that they be commissioned to create the Parma sign due to the excellent craftsmanship of the Cleveland signs. Needless to say, they worked painstakingly to produce a sign we can all be proud of.

The sign is located next to the Parma splash pad at Anthony Zielinski Park across Ridgewood Drive from the Shoppes at Parma. A grand unveiling took place on Saturday, May 25.

I am confident that the sign will inspire more pride in the community and encourage people from outside the community to visit Parma and learn what all we have to offer. I truly believe the sign will help further economic development. In fact, I envision people coming out to visit the sign, take a few snapshots, then do a little shopping and have a meal. I also hope prospective business owners will visit and find that Parma is a great location to do business.

To contribute to the maintenance of the Parma sign and other community projects, checks may be sent to The Parma Charitable Fund, 6306 Hampstead Avenue, Parma, Ohio 44129. All donations are tax deductible as allowed by law.

Sean Brennan

Parma City Council President Sean Brennan

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Volume 11, Issue 6, Posted 4:53 PM, 06.03.2019