They Died In Each Otherís Arms

Where does one start
To describe from the heart
The haunting sight of bodies on the shore
Their loving embrace
In such a sad place
Their hopes died along with so much more
Politicians rush to blame
To them it’s just a game
Immigration is the dirtiest word in town
“Please, share the dream!”
We hear countless scream
In silence, Valeria and Oscar were found
Tucked under his shirt
So she wouldn’t be hurt
Overtaken by the swift Rio Grande 
We share the blame
We share the shame
Won’t someone share a loving hand?
Two precious diamonds in the rough
A father and daughter
Frozen by warm water
And we think we have it so tough
The horrific picture
The relentless mixture
Our planet grows cold without a care
The haves and have-nots
The gap begins to rot
In a world where the rules are unfair
So where do we go?
So what do we know?
We should rescue one another from harm
Valeria and Oscar
Are anything but monsters
They died helplessly in each other’s arms
Copyright © 2019 Jack P. Marschall

Jack P. Marschall

Visitor Services Representative (VSR), Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Former Communications Director, City of Parma Former Cleveland news broadcaster

Volume 11, Issue 8, Posted 3:14 PM, 08.01.2019