I Believe

A lot of us feel threatened by the many mental and emotional giants that have evolved in our lives. Until these dragons are slain, peace of mind will evade us. Acquiring understanding is critical; however, we must make sure that it is supported by Scripture and not the ever-changing culture. In these days of relativism, situational ethics, and changing mores, it is good to know that we can count on Biblical principles that never change.

One who drinks from the wells of the world will thirst again, but just a single drink from the springs of “living water” of which Christ spoke eliminates spiritual thirst forever. Our present earthly life is temporary. The Bible states that we are just passing through on our way to a permanent home awaiting us in heaven.

Seven Biblical paradoxes that relate to basic truth are the following: To get, we must give; To really live, we must die; To save one’s life, he or she must lose it; To be wise, we must become fools; To reign, we must serve; To be exalted, we must become humble; To be first, we must be last.

The word “love” means different things to different people. The Greek language is more specific: eros (sexual appeal); philia (friendship); storge (family members); agape (God’s love for mankind and the love people are to have for one another). To get or to give? That is the question. Here then is the secret of an abundant life: to give is to live and to live is to give.

True Christian faith means to be completely persuaded that there is no other truth apart from the Word of God on which we might build our life. We are all subject to depression given the right set of circumstances; however there is a way out. It is by having a reason for living, a goal—one that can never be totally fulfilled in this lifetime because it is a growing and changing experience. We should not be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing (renovating) of our minds, so that we may discern what is the will of God, what is good, acceptable, and perfect.

Self-reflection is always a good exercise. What I believe is a work in progress, not limited to these statements and subject to change. What do YOU believe?

Daniel Taddeo

Longtime Parma Hts. resident and educator in the Parma School district.

Volume 11, Issue 9, Posted 2:14 PM, 09.02.2019