City Engineers Meet With U.S. Army Corps Of Engineers To Address Flooding

Parma engineers met with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in Buffalo, N.Y., late this summer. They were seeking section 205 program funds to address surface-flooding concerns. The meeting stemmed from the city’s 2018 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers application regarding targeted flooding areas: Antoinette Drive, Thoreau Drive and Rousseau Drive; Regency Drive and Ridge Road; West Ridgewood Drive; and York Road and Pleasant Valley Drive. City engineers also discussed other areas that experienced flooding during a July 5 downpour: Bonnie Banks and Stormes Drive. Any awarded funds would be a 65/35 split with all the neighborhoods. “We keep pushing for these critical funds. We’ll do whatever they ask us on our end to seek these federal dollars for our city,” said Parma Mayor Tim DeGeeter. “We continue to look at different areas that got hit hard. We have had meetings with West Creek Conservancy and Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District searching for solutions to our storm water management challenges.”

DeGeeter acknowledges that basement flooding is frustrating for residents. “There’s almost nothing worse for a resident than coming home to a flooded basement,” he said. “We’re continuing to work hard to try to alleviate these problems. It’s not just an issue in Parma. It’s a regional problem, which is why we are collaborating with our partners and neighboring cities.” Meanwhile, the city is waiting for a response from the Army Corps to learn which projects will receive a feasibility study. “The study will then determine whether or not the projects that made the first cut after the letter of intent review will be eligible for federal funding from the Army Corps and in what amount,” said Parma City Assistant Engineer Jim Mihelich.

Carolyn Kovach

Carolyn J. Kovach

Director of Communications, City of Parma, Mayor's Office

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Volume 11, Issue 11, Posted 8:51 AM, 11.01.2019