I Believe

Believers are not to be selfish or proud but followers of Jesus: humble, obedient, and servants. Celebrate every day, not just holidays, because every day is special. Christmas is strictly about Jesus, the real reason for the season. Doing something “just this once,” knowing it is wrong, can lead to terrible consequences. God does not abandon us in our distress; He sticks with us through thick and thin.

God sees everything, hears everything, and knows everything. God shows no partiality and welcomes everyone.
God wants each of us to reflect His light by loving others the way He loves each of us. If we keep our eyes on God, we won’t lose sight of life’s purpose. It is not all about getting recognition for utilizing our gifts; it is for God’s glory. It takes both partners for their marriage to thrive; each is responsible for enhancing it. It takes time and effort to build healthy relationships.

Love for others demonstrates God’s presence in our lives. Many people are lonely because they build walls instead of bridges in their relationships. More law abiding results in less crime, violence, and destruction. More learning can evolve from mourning than rejoicing. Our love for Christ is only as real as our love for our neighbors.

People are responsible for planting good seed and not responsible for how others respond; that is God’s job. The sensible thing to do is to celebrate what we presently have. Those who have God’s peace within them can thrive within strife. We are not defined by what happens to us, but by how we respond to what happens to us. We need public outcry and political rage over violence in America to fix our depraved culture. We usually reproduce what we come from. When our behavior limits covetousness, contentment abounds. When we help bear someone’s burden, we will fulfill God’s plan for us.

Self-reflection is always a good exercise. What I believe is a work in progress, not limited to these statements and subject to change. What do YOU believe? 

Daniel Taddeo

Longtime Parma Hts. resident and educator in the Parma School district.

Volume 11, Issue 11, Posted 8:50 AM, 11.01.2019