MyCom December Highlights

Reintroducing MyCom! A network that collaborates, advocate, navigate and connect Youth!

MyCom believes that Youth development is community development, and through the connection of partnerships and resources, we can create a network of support, opportunity and success. The MyCom Network is committed to amplifying Youth Voice to strengthen the development of neighborhood strategies to meet identified needs.

The new MyCom Coordinator serving the Parma, Parma Heights and Seven Hills neighborhoods has been on the go visiting many MyCom community partners such as the Parma Snow, Parma and Parma Heights Cuyahoga Library Branch managers and staff,  Community member Gene Lovasy, PCSD parent Amanda Rouse, PCSD staff Mrs. Marian Armstrong, PCSD staff Craig Blike,  PACT facilitator Kelly Latevola, Officer Taylor, Pastor Karen Wolcott, and out of school time specialist Jean Micklewright and Kathy Hall from Ohio Guidestone. She will continue to meet with more partners and community members leading up to Christmas and after the new year.


We had a Family Night at Ridgewood United Methodist Church in Parma on December 11, 2019 that included a meal, group prayer and a speaker from Ohio Guidestone on the topic of boundaries and healthy relationships.


We had a great time caroling with the PACT youth group the evening of December 10, 2019 at the Parma Height Senior Center. There were eight youth involved plus Parma Heights police officers and community members. The caroling ended with cookies, warm beverages and table games for the guest.


We hosted a MyCom sponsored Lunch and Learn with a group of about 20 youth and facilitators Chuck Caldwell and Craig Blike from the workforce development at Parma Senior High school. We discussed their opinions about the current needs and challenges for youth, what they would like to see more of in their community, the tools they use to find information about what’s going on in their community, youth employment and the their thoughts on the closing of Parma Senior High school and the youth merging to other schools. The youth enjoyed pizza and wings over the discussion and were extremely engaged with their responses.  

Looking Forward…

Plans are in the making to create more youth council groups in the Tri City area where youth can exercise skills that will benefit them socially, professionally and scholastically.

PACT will start up their youth group meetings again early January 2020.

Qadriyyah Sultan

Qadriyyah Sultan recently joined the Cuyahoga County Public Library as the Parma/Parma Heights MyCom Coordinator. As the Coordinator, she will be networking with local organizations, schools, community partners and youth groups to help facilitate communication amongst all of the wonderful resources that our area has to offer. MyCom’s objective is to expose our youth to a variety of activities and connect them to a network of caring and committed adults. Qadriyyah will be out in the community meeting with existing organizations to learn what services they offer, how they can be communicated to our youth and their families, and collecting feedback outlining gaps in service that the community would like to see. She will also be reorganizing the partner meetings and working to organize and support the youth council. She will be a wonderful resource for youth and families in the Parma and Parma Heights communities. If there is information that you would like her to share with the community and with MyCom partners, please reach out to her at 216-749-7413 or by email at

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Volume 12, Issue 1, Posted 1:49 PM, 01.01.2020