MyCom Highlights!

MyCom Highlights:

This month the MyCom coordinator has been extremely involved with meeting and engaging with the Parma youth. Late January MyCom invited Parma youth along with other youth in the city of Cleveland to an Advocacy Day field trip in March 2020 to the State house in Columbus Ohio. There were three Parma youth and one chaperone selected to attend the field trip. The youth and chaperone joined forces with other youth and chaperones from other neighborhoods who attended the West side Advocacy Day training January 23rd at Parma Snow library. They were provided with dinner and short workshops to prepare them for the State house.

The MyCom Coordinator attends LOGOS, where youth K-12 receive free Bible study, worship skills, dinner, recreation play and family time. The youth and herself enjoyed the jungle themed family night. The kids worked together in small groups to think of animals that started with each letter of the alphabet and there was group prayer for identified prayer request after having their dinner.

The coordinator has attended two human trafficking conferences, one at Notre Dame College and another at Akron Summit County Public library in the month of January. Wanting to inform herself of the topic so that she can assist with bringing awareness to the Parma area.  

There has been two Parma MyCom steering committee meetings this year so far, hosted right after the Parma Collaborative meetings. A small group of MyCom partners strategically plan to reach MyCom goals for the Parma Area.

PCSD Workforce development invited the MyCom coordinator to attend the Business Professionals of America late January to volunteer as a judge. She has also attended recent Donuts with the Superintendent and the CBS meeting that Mikal Price has invited her to listen in on what’s going on with the Parma school district.  

Many Partners have been invited out to visit the free Drug: Cost & Consequences exhibit located at the Parma Snow Library. The exhibit will be here until June 2020. Contact Ashley Gristwood for more information or to set up private tours.

Looking Forward:

The MyCom Coordinator is looking for local Parma businesses to hire youth (14-18 years of age) this summer, please contact her if you're interestead. (216) 749-9413 or

Y.O.U Summer employment: Registrtaion has opened for youth to apply for summer jobs. Opened February 1, 2020 and will close May 1, 2020 at 5pm. Visist the Youth Opportunities Unlimited website for more information. 

Parma youth will be invited to attend a Teen summit located at the Warrenville Heights Library in March. 

MyCom coordinator plans to assist Ridgewood United Methodist Church with their Easter/ Spring festival planning in March.

 The Islamic Center of Cleveland is hosting a Job & Resource Fair February 22nd at 2:30 pm at 6055 W 130th street. MyCom will have a table with information and resources.

Ridgewood United Methodist Church will be hosting an ultimate family night February 26th for Ash Wednesday following LOGOS at 5:30pm

MyCom coordinator plans to attend the Young Entrepreneurs day March 7th at Normandy high school.

Qadriyyah Sultan

Qadriyyah Sultan recently joined the Cuyahoga County Public Library as the Parma/Parma Heights MyCom Coordinator. As the Coordinator, she will be networking with local organizations, schools, community partners and youth groups to help facilitate communication amongst all of the wonderful resources that our area has to offer. MyCom’s objective is to expose our youth to a variety of activities and connect them to a network of caring and committed adults. Qadriyyah will be out in the community meeting with existing organizations to learn what services they offer, how they can be communicated to our youth and their families, and collecting feedback outlining gaps in service that the community would like to see. She will also be reorganizing the partner meetings and working to organize and support the youth council. She will be a wonderful resource for youth and families in the Parma and Parma Heights communities. If there is information that you would like her to share with the community and with MyCom partners, please reach out to her at 216-749-7413 or by email at

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Volume 12, Issue 3, Posted 11:18 PM, 03.01.2020