American Renewal: Red White and You

The president was pressured the third week of March to 'enable' the Defense Production Act - which commissions domestic manufacturers to ramp up productions of emergency items needed during wartime, like the automobile industry switching to building airplanes practically overnight during WW2.
In our case now, mobile hospitals, ventilator beds, masks, and general PPE were the war effort.
Further, DPA measures would have initiated the Army Core of Engineers to full capacity - specifically designed for logistics needed now.

When asked why he only enabled the Act instead of giving the full green light to enact immediate operations, he stated "we are not shipping clerks, that is the Governer's responsibility right now".

In a crisis, especially one unprecedented as this, we all must wear many hats for our survival and the common good of our people; any responsible leader fundamentally understands this, let alone any decent patriot in the Oval Office, yet his gross lack in sense of urgency is at immediate detriment to the nation, and will be at our peril.
In short, any truly effective president would be throwing everything we've got at this situation, backing the Governers up with any and all muscle available to protect our own.

This Loaded 45 has left our country more and more vulnerable to increased hate crimes by his hatetriot dog whistle nuances, confirmed and indicted Russian infiltration in our securities systems, and now this pandemic.

In 2018 he ordered the National Security Counsel's entire global health security unit of experienced leaders in the White House shut down, they were tasked with preparedness for pandemics and had recently gotten us through Ebola. He also gutted our leadership in the Dept. of Homeland Security.

This perfect storm has tragically reduced our response time today and is monumentally unacceptable.

To add...
Masks and ventilator beds on a national scale are on 6-18 month backlogs in current response measures, with infection and mortality numbers poised to go through the roof at present by the day.

He absolutely must go.


Bernie supporters, Biden pledged, and Republicans alike, I'm begging you all on behalf of millions - we must be as one on this, let's please come together just once in our lives this November to get this abomination out for the sake of all our future...
Our only way to truly rebuild is to first stop the hemorrhage.

Please do not sit this one out and underestimate this, it's the most important one of our lives, and those to come will one day ask what we did to stop it.

He's rolling out the red carpet to a very dark prophecy, yet we have the power to slow it.
But only if we come together.
We absolutely must come together...

If only just this one time.

Davidione Pearl

Freelance travel-writer, musician, photographer, philanthropist..

Volume 12, Issue 4, Posted 2:46 PM, 04.01.2020