Wisdom, Conscience, And Patriotism

We can be apologists for only so long, before we become excusists. Whether you realize, choose to, or not, your deeper wisdom matters more significantly right now than you could ever imagine; not merely in the many ways you intend to impart a favorable life and legacy unto your family, community, and conscience, but moreover in how we honor what we know to be morally right and just, lest we reside in the thin sticky film of our very own grimy hypocrisies.

America today has become more desperate for mutual understanding among her citizens than ever before in our lives; or some could argue, since at least the Johnson era. Over the last twenty years we have collectively allowed ourselves to be slowly seduced by the ever-patient insidious assailant of prejudice and pride. It has methodically gnawed at and worn down our sense of reason and understanding, to a pocked battlefield of volatility and rampant fearful misperception against the next.

We have allowed ourselves to become overrun by an infestation of power lust that continues to maintain colossal degrees of indecency and ineptitude towards all, regardless of party affiliation, and in all the ways that would justify removal in the workplace if these were behavioral complexes exhibited by a rogue colleague. We would unequivocally reproach and protest that the colleague be removed at best, or at minimum, would amply support repercussions against anyone that incessantly wreaked havoc between co-workers at our places of work.

If a similar behavior profile was a problem teacher at our children’s school, we would demand that administrative action be taken against them, insisting up to and including removal from the school system itself, and possible revocation of their license. And I further imagine we would agree, that a lurking behavioral archetype with a well-documented reputation and propensity for being severely ill-mannered and inconsiderate to people in their own homes, would not be particularly welcome in yours.

Yet we follow the wilding whistles of a leader of the ‘free’ world that once stated he could shoot a person in the middle of Fifth Avenue and not lose any supporters? Is that you? Would following such an unlawful proclamation be an indicator of our intelligence and strength? Will we in fact live up to this notion and continue to excuse the words and behavior of such woeful leadership, while insisting to our children in equal breath that they set good examples and not exhibit the very same traits he does at any given time of day? If so, where does that leave your conscience? Encumbered?

This is not the suggestive criminal language of a respectable free world leader, such speech emits from a dictator mind; a deviant mind that knows nuances well, whistling trigger words like “liberate” and “second amendment” in the middle of an unprecedented pandemic, baiting droves of militia men out onto capital steps armed with assault rifles.  Is this what we choose to be a part of as ‘just’ and ‘right’? Can we say with certainty that the extent of our deeper wisdom has truly been led to a good place? One that The Savior would fervidly cherish as a job well done? Or are we beginning to see beyond the looking glass, to the formation of something new, a party of reason and accountability, no different than the accountability we seek in every other aspect of our lives, from our children, to our co-workers, and even ourselves.

Our international credibility has all but been shaken beyond measure to the point of fault and fissure. There is constant war against the media, our governors, and public institutions; even questioning the administration at all it appears is now fundamentally hazardous, therefore reason and empathy itself is being habitually jeopardized and assaulted in ways that absolutely beg reconsideration of what it is we have chosen to allow run rampant, and has steadily done so in no uncertain terms.

A paradigm shift is upon us, we can choose to unsee the deeper wisdom we know to be true, that is to say, how we wish to see reflected our own common decencies. Or we can continue to relocate the goal posts of our own subjective morality, pushing our inner agendas whenever and wherever convenient, roped into the frenzied fear of what we pretend to emphatically support, while knowing deep in our bones that we would widely condemn the very same behavioral archetypes in the actions of our young - rebuking divisiveness, and teaching them to be fair, inclusive, and just.

Yet here we are, in a thriving land where people with assault weapons show up to pandemic rallies, placing blame as designed on everyone but the source of their angst, while feverishly disputing their rights against a temporary health and safety mandate with loaded rifles. The solvency of our nation is expiring in a slow waning death.

If ever there was a ‘Life’ movement needed to resuscitate her back to a semblance of something undeniably great for all, that time is now, and must be understood together as one, beyond particular party lines, as we are all being systematically corrupted by what is at play, and are feeding into it from both sides because it is simpler and easier to do so. We are however wiser than this.

The subtle voice of our conscience has been patiently knocking at the door of reason for a long time; the only question that remains, is who will answer the call, open that door, and quietly follow their deeper wisdom and conscience into the halls of November, if only this one time. For the good of country.

Davidione Pearl

Freelance travel-writer, musician, photographer, philanthropist..

Volume 12, Issue 6, Posted 8:56 AM, 06.01.2020