Eagle Scout Badge

The community members at Vista Springs, Ravinia in Independence have learned what it takes to earn a Boy Scout Eagle Badge; ingenuity, hard work and accepting assistance from family and friends! Nick Finn, 17, from Brooklyn, Ohio took on quite a challenge when he agreed to build a compost tumbler for the community members at Vista Springs, Ravinia. Nick, currently a hard working manager at Dairy Queen at South Park Mall, has been involved with the Boy Scouts since he was five years old!  As a student and parishioner at St. Charles Borromeo Church, Nick started as a Cub Scout with Pack 73 and 12 years later is working toward achieving his Eagle Badge as a member of Boy Scout Troop 221 under the guidance and leadership of Mr. Grademes. “When Nick phoned last summer, he was interested in doing a community based project at our Assisted Living property. I thought, this is GREAT!  We can have an intergenerational connection, where our community members and youth can watch an idea grow!” exclaimed Allie Zabrosky, Director of Life Experiences at Vista Springs Ravinia. “He initially participated in our first ever Flag raising and our folks fell in love with Nick! He has a special sweetness and genuine nature that instantly endeared him to our hearts. When I suggested a compost tumbler for his project, Nick didn’t miss a beat. “

Nick researched compost tumblers, came up with a viable plan which was approved by the city and started to work.  Months later the tumbler was installed! Nick credits his mom for her help and support; from helping to look up material on line to providing cooling drinks during a warm weather install for Nick and his fellow scouts. This project would not have happened without the talent and assistance of his cousin and oversite from his uncle during construction.

Although building the compost tumbler is more challenging than many Eagle Badge projects, Nick is glad he stuck with it. “It was difficult to create holes large enough in the tumbler so the barrel would spin.” Measuring and cutting the boards for the frame was a skill Nick had to learn. 

Once the final documentation is approved by the Boy Scout council. Nick will be the proud recipient of his Eagle Badge!  Nick wants to thank his scout leader Mr. Grademes, his mom, his Uncle David Finn, his cousin Alex Finn, his fellow troop 221 scouts and his sponsors, Lawn Enforcement Landscaping.

Beth Bowman

Director of Development Vista Springs

Volume 12, Issue 8, Posted 7:34 PM, 08.04.2020