Qanon: Deadly Game Of Fallacy And Fiction

The ancient Latins referred to it as religare, “to bind together,” and colere, “to worship” - what today we refer to as religion and culture. Be that as it may, what we now see steadily rising out of the collapsed ashes and decay of objectivity, democracy and reason itself, is the burgeoning hysteria of Qanon, a populist occultist right-wing caliph group of knee-jerk conspiracy theorists that hail an anonymous supreme leader known only as, “Q”.

They impart a destructive pro-Trump agenda geared only at devastating the names and reputations of democrat elites, liberal Hollywood celebrities and the media through rumor spreading steeped in unfounded accusations of ritualistic pedophilia, cannibalism and a fantastical cabal of worldwide domination.

The movement first emerged out of fallout surrounding the 2016 “Pizzagate” scandal in Washington, D.C, when Wikileaks released former White House Chief of Staff and then chair of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign John Podesta’s emails referencing “pizza” and “pasta” on several occasions to northwest Washington D.C- based Comet Ping Pong restaurant owner and democrat donor James Alefantis.

Comet Ping Pong was and remains a well-established family friendly pizzeria that has faithfully served the public since 2006, however far right trolling of the Podesta emails eventually led to the spread of insidious rumors that the words “pizza” and “pasta” were cryptic code that referred to “little girls” and “little boys”, and that the woefully accused secretly abducted and practiced heinous rituals against children in the basement of the restaurant, incredulously, all under the oversight of former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton.

The restaurant has no basement, nor did it play any role whatsoever in the warped and deranged accusations of the saber rattling Pizzagate trolls, but that didn’t stop Edgar Maddison Welch, who took it upon himself on December 4th 2016 to load his AR-15 and various assortments of other weapons to drive across several state lines to the restaurant for a date with infamy, believing the rumors to be true.

That Sunday afternoon he entered the restaurant at 3pm strapped with weapons to kill, terrifying families who scattered out to the street in a rush of panic and tears, but once he shot his way through the door he thought housed abducted children and worse, the only thing he found was an old computer storage closet, that and four years in prison for another senseless crime against victims of slander.

No one died in the incident, but a little more of America certainly has, through these macabre developments continuing to spiral out of control.

Pizzagate understandably began to fade soon after, as did the underground online image board platform it used to disseminate the devastating hate speech against democrats, but a year later it re-emerged as Qanon on a separate online image board, spewing the same hateful rhetoric against anything and everything democrat, further suggesting their original hallmark dog-whistles of cabal, pedophilia, and cannibalism among the likes of Clinton, Obama, Ellen Degeneres, and actors Tom Hanks and Bradley Cooper among scores of other victims of their unrelenting slander, all steered on by cryptic evangelic riddles out of the depraved mind of their omnipotent leader Q, from a second incarnation platform that the FBI has now classified as a domestic terror threat in an internal memo (2019).

In 2018 the FBI intercepted a California man who had planned a large-scale Qanon attack on Springfield, Illinois, the state’s capital. That same year a Qanon activist armed with a rifle in a homemade armored truck blocked traffic at Nevada’s immense Hoover Dam, demanding the release of the Inspector General’s report on Hillary Clinton’s emails to avoid damage to the area.

In this second incarnation of fanciful Qanon subversive behavior, their current online platform is shared with a multitude of white supremacist idealogues, championing battle cries such as “blood in the streets” and calls for the assassination of current and former democrat leaders and celebrities, even going as far as to ludicrously proclaim President Obama as having direct ancestry to Adolf Hitler, cannibalism, and rapine rituals with infants. It is an assemblage of highly unhinged and very dangerous assertions that entice the lonely and those with a deep need to find value and purpose in their lives, as it amounts to deadly live-action role play in a veritable constellation of right-wing partisan fallacies designed for one purpose and one purpose only, conning those that are easily lost and manipulated into the tragic bidding of a pseudo-evangelic mysterious figure that is paving the way for many to capitalize off of its financial gain through amassing online subscribers and the peddling of Qanon merchandise, while distastefully destroying lives and reputations.

What may be most tragic of all, however, is the very clear evidence that there are political figures at the congressional level that are openly supporting Qanon, and worst yet, hundreds of Qanon retweets by the leader of the free world himself…

Davidione Pearl

Freelance travel-writer, musician, photographer, philanthropist..

Volume 12, Issue 8, Posted 7:34 PM, 08.04.2020