Cash Mob Ends

By the time you read this article Polish Village’s Covid-19 Cash Mob will have ended. If you didn’t participate you’ll be sorry you didn’t. During the three month long promotion of businesses participating, nineteen prizes were awarded to customers, eighteen prizes ranging in value from $100 to $250 a month for the three months, plus the grand prize valued at $500. Wow! A $10 purchase got you an entry ticket. Lots of great prizes! 

So, why did the nonprofit Polish Village Parma do this? Their belief is when the small neighborhood businesses thrive so does the neighborhood. During the health crisis these small local businesses were forced to shut down. They lost more than a fourth of their annual income. The reopening of businesses with restrictions in place, social distancing and the additional cost of sanitizing, continues to effect their business. Cash Mob was a unique way to welcome back existing customers and aquatint new ones to Parma Ward 2/Polish Village’s small businesses. 

This unique initiative was funded by a grant and a donation received by the nonprofit Polish Village Parma, Inc. It cost the businesses nothing to participate. Quotes from businesses that participated were all positive. “It was a Godsend!” “Brilliant!” and “Thank you for all you do!” Many are still struggling, but they feel more confident now that they will survive. It was a win win situation for both customers and businesses alike. 

This nonprofit consists of residents and interested parties working together with local businesses and Councilwoman Debbie Lime to create a better neighborhood to live and raise a family. It’s a real grass roots group. The nonprofit hopes to bring more innovative initiatives to the neighborhood in the upcoming months. If you are interested in assisting with upcoming events contact them through Facebook for details.  Follow Polish Village on Facebook.

Kathryn Mabin

Board Secretary of Parma Area Fine Arts Council, Inc, or PAFAC, and Artist/Jewlery Designer, Owner Aire of Oppulence.

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Volume 12, Issue 10, Posted 11:58 PM, 09.30.2020