Final Plea: November 2020 And The Eleventh Hour

By now, if you’ve followed my work this far, you have long-since decided two things about me as a writer over the last four years, as I have placed great focus on the tri-city area to a significant extent, of which I will delve further into later.

You have determined that, while you may not fully agree with me as a nonpartisan figure on the many political issues I have covered, regarding the very clear and present turmoil that has increasingly plagued America since the last election, there is something that has nonetheless been gained between us over this lengthy span of time, through my words, and your open mind - your deeper mind of reason, wisdom and understanding which has brought you to reading the words contained in this article today.

Together over time, beyond Oval Office politics, we have related on the slow debilitating loss of my mother’s mental faculties through the throes of dementia, the heaviness and pain it was to witness, and ultimately, the final loss of her warm physical form to never embrace me or my family ever again.

You journeyed with me as I traveled the world doing what work(s) I could for the betterment of humanity, accountability, and truth – from articles written on El Salvador, Colombia, Cuba and Haiti, to those from my missions in Morocco, Israel, Iceland, Europe, Ukraine and Turkey.

All with the following in mind: to provide earnest reflections of our oneness as a human race and our collective cultural triumphs, and additionally, the sobering destructive darker shadows of global economics, as they invariably tie into the very nature of American policy, both foreign and domestic.

The bridge of understanding where we now meet, where you and I have found ourselves standing together at this very moment, is the bridge of our higher conscience – of compassion, empathy and reason, not of misguided anger and corrosive venomous resentments dictated to you by brutish divisive leadership.  

This bridge of understanding, of your heavenly truth, has ushered you countless times these last few years to an unspoken place in your mind of which only you know, when you felt driven to speak up against what moved you as wrong or In fundamental contradiction to your more giving values, values you quietly hold dear through the teachings of scripture, and in the fullness of your heart, but for your surroundings you remained stilled in your thoughts to not risk disdain from those closest to you.

This conflict has left you undecided, and it is this very conflict that is your calling to ensure the work of your deeper values.

We have reached the eleventh hour in what has become an America we can all agree is at the precipice of spiraling further out of control to the point of unrecognition.

I imagine we can also agree that if the owner of a company where we worked, or the principal of a school where our children attended, kept quiet about a carbon monoxide problem in the building that quickly killed hundreds - and that leader was eventually outed as knowing the deadliness of the problem long before but never made mention of it to avoid a panic, we would unanimously agree that the leader was unfit to lead, and warranted charges, indictment, and conviction to the fullest extent of the law.

You heard the Woodward tapes.

Our leader knew.

I believe strongly that your reasonable mind does not wish to live with the internal ghosts of this existential hypocrisy.

Tens of millions of Republicans understand what is at stake, and are voting their conscience this November by doing what needs to be done for the good of the country, above party politics.

They too do not desire to live with the internal ghosts of hypocrisy.

They understand more than ever, that the time is now to make abundantly clear, that we the people do not wish to descend further into the chaos, panic and blistering division that has been and continues to be fomented by of all people, the leader of the free world.

The tri-city area is the seventh largest municipality in the commonwealth of Ohio, traditionally a conservative bastion in the center of progressive Cuyahoga County.

No modern president with the exception of John F. Kennedy, has won the presidency without our great state.

It is my hope, in this final monthly publication before the most important and ambulatory election of our lives, that we will reveal the greatness of our collective conscience, humanity and reason, to do what we know in our hearts to be right in order to save our nation, and our democracy – if merely in quiet protest at the polls, where only the ballot, and our conscience, will know of our innermost truth for change.

Davidione Pearl

Freelance travel-writer, musician, photojournalist, philanthropist

Volume 12, Issue 10, Posted 11:58 PM, 09.30.2020