Parma Observer Is 11 Years Old

Few of those alive today will not agree that 2020 will go down as one of the most challenging, frustrating and surprising years in any memory, we all most fervently hope. Lots of changes have occurred this year that may very well stay with us and become part of our way of living from now on. During these turbulent and unsettling times, The Parma Observer has been able to continue publishing thanks to all of our community partners who make that possible, from our advertisers, staff members, and all of the fabulous people who do one extraordinary thing after another as they add their own love, efforts and magic to the mix. 

Our community is experiencing an unprecedented set of circumstances during the pandemic, as are communities all around our county, state, nation, and indeed the rest of the planet. No one planned for what has turned out to be a long haul of enduring the economic impact, the stress of social distancing, and the political upheaval brought on by the rapid spread of a virus 100 times smaller than a bacteria. We've learned, the hard way unfortunately, that preparing for the future means a whole lot more than we may have thought before all of this occurred. 

I firmly believe that in the times ahead, once the shock subsides sufficiently, we will have the ability to realize new priorities as communities make plans and devise procedural strategy when it comes to wisely navigating the path of wellness, safety and operational functions. I also am convinced that strongly needed guidance and competent leadership will come to the forefront and be supported by citizens for what will prove to be best solutions for the common good. Our children are watching what we do; they are living through this time and they ultimately hold the key to what is after all their future.

After 11 years of publishing the Parma Observer, there is one thing that I've learned, and it is that the people of Parma, Parma Heights and Seven Hills love their cities, care about things that are important to them in their daily lives, select good leadership, expect favorable results, and are realistic when it comes to existing conditions. We are facing profound challenges in this unequaled era, and many feel that things could get worse before they get better. Only time will tell just how we fared and what transpired during this turbulent period, but I have the upmost faith that our community will emerge a better place, part of a "more perfect union" that the vision of the USA has always been. We have the best place, the right people, and most importantly the essential wherewithal required to turn problems into opportunities. I am most positive that future generations will examine this moment and be proud that the citizens today made the right choices and ensured that our community traveled in the right direction when we came to the crossroads and needed to choose wisely. 

Daniel P. McCarthy

I am the publisher of the Parma Observer. Lifetime resident of Parma for over 50 years.

Volume 12, Issue 10, Posted 11:59 PM, 09.30.2020