UH Parma Medical Centerís Newly Renovated Surgery Department Welcomes Arrival Of The Da Vinci Xi Robot

A high-tech robot is the latest complement to the $27.5 million renovation of the Surgery Department at University Hospitals Parma Medical Center, providing surgeons in various specialties an exciting opportunity to utilize the latest-generation surgical technology for superior patient outcomes.

“I am so pleased that we have brought the latest daVinci robot to UH Parma Medical Center,” says President Brian Monter. “Along with the ongoing $27.5 million renovation of our Surgery Department, robotic surgery enhances our capabilities and ensures that our surgeons have the most modern, cutting-edge equipment and facilities to provide world- class care to our patients.”

The da Vinci Xi® surgical system enhances surgical performance by creating a natural extension of the surgeon’s eyes and hands. Previously in laparoscopic surgery, the surgeon would view the case on a monitor while manipulating the surgical instruments with his hands standing at the operating table. In robotic surgery, the arms of the robot are positioned over the patient, and the surgeon controls the robot’s arms while sitting at a control console. This advanced surgical system can be used for a minimally invasive surgical approach to complex diseases and conditions in urology, thoracic, cardiac, colorectal, gynecology and general surgery. 

General surgeon Richard Ungvarsky, MD, who has extensive experience with robotic surgery, performed the first operation this month on the latest generation of the daVinci system. The full articulation of the controls allows the surgeon to move the instruments not only up and down, as in traditional laparoscopic surgery, but to move them sideways and completely rotate them, reaching tight spaces in the abdomen.

Bariatric surgeon Mujjahid Abbas, MD, FACS, FASMBS, will perform bariatric weight loss surgery and anti-reflux procedures utilizing this modern technology, which provides broader anatomical access. He says he’s excited to offer his patients the latest in 3D HD. The three dimensional image allows better visualization and helps the surgeon perform the operations with greater precision.

Thoracic surgeon Christopher Towe, MD, notes that surgery performed with the robot is associated with shorter hospital stays and improved patient experience.

“The robotic platform will offer an exciting opportunity for minimally invasive surgery to patients at UH Parma,” says Dr. Towe, who will utilize the daVinci Xi® robot for lung resections, removal of chest tumors and esophageal surgery. “This is an excellent opportunity for patients who live on Cleveland’s West side to receive the very best care closer to home.”

Having the best technology in the industry in the operating suite is a major draw for surgeons like Michael Zell, MD, a urologist new to UH Parma’s medical staff who trained at the Mayo Clinic. He will perform robotic surgery of the kidney, ureter, bladder and prostate, with nearly all of his patients targeted for discharge the day after surgery.

“Patients will benefit from minimally invasive procedures with less morbidity, decreased post-operative pain, and shorter hospitalization,” says Dr. Zell. “Robotic surgery allows patients to recover quicker and get back to their normal life faster.” 

Added urologist David Turk, MD, who has performed thousands of robotic surgeries: “I truly believe robotic surgery has been a game changer, and the patient has become the true beneficiary of this remarkable technology. UH Parma has some of the best surgeons in Northeast Ohio, offering state-of-the-art care right in your own backyard.”

CJ Sheppard

Senior Communications Strategist, University Hospitals Parma Medical Center

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Volume 12, Issue 10, Posted 11:59 PM, 09.30.2020