Hide The Mistletoe!

As our days come and go with pandemic challenges like wearing face masks and many other changes,  I find myself reminiscing of past holiday celebrations with family and friends. There is nothing quite like a gathering where one is embraced with kisses and hugs from those we hold most dear. As I attempt to celebrate with a Covid conscience, my thoughts drift back in time.

I find myself reminiscing to the days when my adult children were youngsters. I would hug them ever so close with their arms wrapped tightly around me, nestled snug and safe in my arms. As I would reach down to kiss the top of their heads, the scent of burning oak and maple leaves lingered in their hair. The smoke from burning embers permeated the air around us. 

We would walk along as the sounds of rustling leaves crunched beneath our shoes. It seemed like it was only a few days ago that the sun felt so warm against our skin. Every so often we would feel a slight winter's chill in the air as the anemic sun began its early descent over the horizon. Soon it would be time for Christmas trees, ornaments, colorful paper packages with bright red bows and mistletoe! 

Yes, holiday celebrations will be somewhat different this year. I suspect many of us will stay in our holiday flannel pajamas, perhaps just a bit longer. The fragrance of pine, cranberry, and pumpkin spice scented candles will still create a cozy atmosphere. Angels made of delicate porcelain and sparkling glass will remind us of the very first Christmas. Stockings will still be hung with care, bright red poinsettia flowers will continue to bring holiday cheer while Christmas cookies will be baked with swirls of sweetness that tickle our taste buds. Church bells will still ring out, virtual choirs will sing, and conversations will continue by phone, text or virtual videos.

Family members and friends will be greatly missed as we hold precious thoughts of them within our hearts. Even though this year we will celebrate differently than any time before, we will continue to celebrate with kindness and love for one another, whether they are near or far.

And, this year hide the mistletoe!! 

Wishing you all a most blessed, happy and safe holiday season!

Susan Banks - Yurik

I am a Parma resident. Attended Thoreau Park Elementary,  Pleasant Valley Jr. High, Valley Forge Senior High, Parma Senior High, and Tri-C. I am retired;  have been published in Guideposts, Mysterious Ways and Angels On Earth. I also create Iconographic style drawings ~ Prama Artspace Gallery. My son was a Navy Nuke, my daughter was Miss Parma, and runner up to Miss Ohio. Three generations of our family attended Thoreau Park Elementary School, Schaaf Jr. High School and Parma High School. I love living in Parma, and I especially enjoy the city's unique European ethnicity. Visit my blog at angelssignsmiracles.blogspot.com ~ Nani's Got The Tea

Volume 12, Issue 12, Posted 11:19 AM, 12.01.2020